American workers are getting screwed

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  1. I have an extemely hard time believing americans are worked the hardest, compared to an indonesia sweatshop or a diamond mine in africa or a coal mine in china. Pennies on the dollar as well.
  2. they are probably talking about industrialized nations

  3. China, russia, saudi arabia, etc probably have worse working conditions and hours and are developed.
  4. defend the rich? we want to be taxed less ourselves, we're sick of irresponsible government spending, we're sick of corporate welfare, we want the government out of our pockets and we want the compensation we're rightfully due.
  5. America has too many damn laws,buerocracy, and incentives for people who hold power to do more wrong, thats the main problem.
  6. I've been saying that Americans are hardest working people in the industrialized world for YEARS, and these Atlas Shrugs motherfuckers who say that unemployment insurance is like welfare can go fuck themselves.
  7. Blame the federal reserve for controlling the money supply. They are the ones that created class gap.
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    You sir, can go fuck yourself =)
  9. Link`s conclusion:

    Americans are the Outliers
    And if all of this data tells anything, it's that we are the outliers, not the norm. Why are we the outliers?

    Our companies fairly ruthlessly let people go. We want to keep our jobs and not be a ‘low performer' compared to others.
    The decline of the union has led to less paid time off and other leave benefits.
    Cultural value of money over everything else. We love money, we want more of it, and we think money can buy happiness. And the more we work, the more we get paid.
    It's been drilled in our heads that we are lazy compared to emerging market counterpart workers in India, Mexico, China, and other parts of Asia. Who isn't? And what is our mental image of the work environments in those locales? To validate those fears, our jobs are being outsourced to the cheap labor in those countries. In reality, the U.S. is still the world leader in productivity per person.
    Our legislative branch of the government (on both sides of the aisle) has been bought and as a result has shied away from passing laws that protect workers that every other industrialized nation has passed.
    We generally don't fight for our working rights. We take what is given to us.

    its pretty obvious this person who wrote this article has a left/progressive mindset when writing the bias article.... not much really to be seen there.
  10. One reason Americans work so hard is to maintain their lavish lifestyle despite increasing cost of living.

    If anyone is screwing the American workers it's foreign labor. Our standard of living has to fall now that we have greater competition.

    Inflation is another factor...
  11. Source? I don't buy this. There are many factors that have caused the big gap of wealth, one being the fact that the whole political compass of the entire country has shifted radically to the right since Ronald Reagan has been in office.

    Not denying the fed has a part of it, but I also believe the absolute destruction of labor unions is a big part of it, also with the huge increases in military spending, financial deregulation, protectionist intellectual property laws, lack of laws that protect unions and consumers, etc, etc. Not to mention our healthcare system has been an absolute failure and that has been a big factor in making people bankrupt and losing everything.
  12. Who do you think gets the money when the Fed prints it, the rich or the poor?

    Who lost their house and who got bailed out?

    Unions don't have enough power? Financial deregulation? lol.

  13. And that's why his name is...

    (drum roll....)


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