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American mass media: watchdog or lapdog?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by THERapistJack, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Is the American mass media a watchdog or a lapdog to the government?

    I think the mass media is more a lapdog. The mass media tends to frame the limits of debate to within the left-right views of political elites. For example,the American public started to favor withdrawal from Iraq which started in early '05. But it wasn't until June 2006 that the media started to run stories concerning withdrawal, immediately after timetable withdrawal debates started in congress. Also the debate played out on the media was either in favor of the timetable withdrawal (Dems), or not (Repubs), there was very little air tone given to views held outside these two stances. The obedience to the government can also be seen in how the media gives air time to possible genocide depending on if the offending government is favored by the US.

    Any other views?

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  2. You're right. Mainstream media is run by corporate interests. Corporations are interested in some dastardly shit though... They want your minds that is.
  3. The bulk of what we consider mainstream media today is not media at all, it is political commentary and propaganda.  True journalism is basically dead. 
  4. Is this a serious question? lapdog....I dont think there even needs to be an argument as to why just turn on the tv.
  5. True journalism will return with my generation... Well, when they finally get their heads out of their asses. These kids need a prophet or some shit.
  6. This is such a mildly put and nicely called "lapdog"
    I refuse to even come near on radio or tv to see or listen to any of the talking heads from so called mainstream media.
    Journalism only exists in independent form where money don't play an issue.
  7. Sedated attack dog
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  9. American media is run by large corporation with their own interest. They run what they want to run based on what they want from politicians. The government does not control them but they most certainly collude with each other.
  10. Some House of Cards shit

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