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American Grinder Review!(PICS!)

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by ThatStanky, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I recently purchased a new grinder, and absolutely love it. Here is my honest, illustrated, review.
    What it is:
    American Grinder Red Anodized Aluminum 4-piece Herb Grinder.
    Price- $30.00 Locally

    Size- 2.5" Outside Diameter, Fully assembled it is 3" thick. Removing the kief catcher takes it down to 1.25"
    (with catcher removed below)

    23 Diamond-shaped teeth, 3 "agitators" on the magnet stem.

    Very Strong, can be held and shaken by top piece without grinder assy. falling off.

    Craftsmanship- Very, Very well made, nice, even finish overall.Milling is VERY clean!

    How's It Grind, you ask?-

    And After-

    That's her in a nutshell, hope you enjoy! Happy Toking!:bongin:
  2. Looks EXACTLY like mine but with no name. I dont like mine for blunts tho, the bud comes out too fine. So i use a plastic 4 dollar one and it works perfect :smoke:
  3. i've got the same grinder, but mine is blue. :cool:
  4. Ive got the blue American Grinder it may be a bit bigger? But they are awesome grinders I love mine. Wont need a replacement for a long time id say.
  5. I got a black one of these grinders for free when I bought my buddha and am very impressed with it considering I have no idea how much these cost. Anyone know where to get this brand anywhere?

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