American Flag Pot Leaf (Pic)

Discussion in 'General' started by effektz, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. I hung this up in my home office a little while ago, it's pretty fucking cool. I found a way to print out big images over several pieces of paper. Tape the paper together and you have a giant picture to hang on your wall.



    I love that picture, and when cannabis is finally legal in America, I'll love it more
  2. That is truly beautiful.
  3. That is a tight picture.

    Nice ghetto room!
  4. Ghetto Room? That's my office! I just put up a lot of distractions (Xbox, TV, Darts) because work isn't always fun lol
  5. Thats your office! what you do?
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    he sells russian women for profit in the internet.
    or babies..

    post count buahahahaa
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    I sit at home and smoke a lot of weed haha. For money though, I make and sell websites mostly. But I have a lot of "free time" to work on shit like and other stuff that doesn't make money but they're still fun.

    Babies don't sell like they used to :(
  8. That's awesome man.

    So, do you run Chronicfile?
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    Hey man I think you need to buy a duster lol
  10. Thats tight dude. At some point in your life, you may ended up working with hollywood or game companies for websites.
  11. thats a pretty sick room man

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