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  1. Anybody else just see Stan get the shit kicked out of him by a guy who had the Sephiroth theme playing the entire time? Funny as shit ahahahaha
  2. Just watched the episode where francine beat the hell out of steve with her purse and kept calling him a gypsie haha.
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    Idk about sephiroth theme but there's one where he gets his ass kicked by a Greek guy that his son hired and the whole time this dramatic, theatrical-sounding song is playing from a stereo and it repeats the guy's name "STELIO! STELIO CANTOS!"
  4. That's it. It's making fun of Sephiroth's from FFVII. :p
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    Haha yeah I was blazed as fuck when that episode came on and I turned to my friend and said the following: "Who the fuck is this greek fucker and why does he have his own theme music" followed by a fit of laughter.. This show has some fucking hilarious moments, my 3rd fave now next to futurama and the regular show
  6. yeah this show has really caught my attention. Love the characters and the humor is awesome always watch it on Adult Swim every night I can.
  7. That show is funny as fukk. Roger deserves an emmy or something. Wish they'd come out with new episodes.
  8. its one of mine favorite show, I love to watch animated shows

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