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American culture with legalized pot

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Mary Jane Wanna, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Some wonder if we will detriment society by legalizing pot. To predict what the results may we have to shift our focus over to the alcohol culture. A majority of "normal people" engage in some sort of drinking ceremony. Younger generations will be seen as party drinkers, where as say, afluent older adults, may focus around wines, champange, napa valley and the such. What legal pot cultures would be like are similar to this. Some stoners will do nothing with their lives similar to the hard drinkers of our society, some more casual stoners will smoke it for intellectual stimulation where as adults may savor wine for the purpose of experiencing great taste. I believe we will have two similar cultures, one for alcohol and one for pot. Each culture will have different types of people and those who are affected by the substance.

    BTW: I am writing this on of my most amazing highs ever.
  2. Well alcohol is way worse then weed, so saying they will have similar outcomes is wrong. I think there wont be much change for a long time, because the old propaganda would still linger around for a bit. But even once people know the truth, the effects are far better then those of alcohol, you can control yourself, it not addictive, and unless your already lazy then it wont make you lazy.

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