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  1. Okay, so I live in America. Where the usage of pot is extremely frowned upon. This question is more for my friend than for myself.

    Is there some type of cleanse kit that can be purchased over the counter at Wal-Mart or CVS or some place like that?

    He's a bigger guy than me, so I'm not sure if the drink kits they sell will work for him like they have for me in the past. He's trying to get a job within the next week, so he needs to be able to pee clean. I've searched google a bit and found some kits like 'Detox 7'. Are these the solution to his problem?

    I'm a n00b to the forums so maybe I mistakenly skipped over a thread mentioning this. I searched a thread that pointed me to GNC, but it was a dead link or the product isn't sold there anymore.

    Thanks to all for any help.
  2. best way to pass a drug test: don't have anything in your system. I'm not an expert but from the stoners I have encountered niacin seems to be big. No guarantees though, also be aware of the side effects.

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