american cheese goes with anything

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Tastytrichomes, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Nope it's gross
  2. you are not wrong sir, I'll take any type of normal cheese though. no stinky cheese.
  3. Yeah cuz it tastes like plastic.
  4. Yep nothing like processed shit cheese that tastes like ass
  5. No I like me some colby and montery jack.
    American sucks on anything but subway sandwiches and brocolli maybe
  6. i won't disagree with that, but cheddar is muuuuch better
  7. I don't remember the last time I ate American cheese, it's processed shit.
  8. Processed shit is sooo right.
    Btw cheese is not naturally orange
  9. It's kind of like Tofu (since it has no fucking flavor whatsoever) - put it with good things and it will taste good, put it with crap and it will taste crap.
  10. it's processed shit that goes well with anything else!
  11. Cheese makes everything fucking better.
  12. Real American cheese isn't processed. You guys just can't afford the deli boars head American Cheese I suppose. Obviously Kraft American cheese is going to be gross and taste like shit, that's a given. American Cheese is fucking awesome.

  13. Yeah man thats what i was thinking lol.

  14. Anyone else just hate the word cheese?

    Cheezes...even worse.

  15. There's a thread roaming around that will have you striking "subway sandwiches" off your list...:eek:
  16. Yeah I'm still traumatized by a thread. It's called the weirdest place you've ever put your dick.
  17. well i figure everything we eat is god damn processed or "cleansed" with who knows what

    but you are correct. if you pick up white/americnan cheese from a deli, god damn that is amazing cheese

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