American aid to Israel is unconstitutional

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  1. American aid to any country is unconstitutional, I don't need a website with a bad color scheme to tell me that....
  2. 99% of what the government does is unconstitutional...
  3. Still no complaints on Morsi receiving billions in aid from the US.

    I guess it's only unconstitutional when Israel receives aid and not when an Islamic regime does:rolleyes:

    Don't get me wrong, no country should receive aid. But when one constantly criticizes America's only ally in the Middle East and not Islamic dictatorships, it makes one lose all credibility.

  4. If you already knew that "American aid to any country is unconstitutional" why'd you go out of your way to view the thread?
  5. Yeah. you know I dispelled this whole thing when I said " I denounce aid to Egypt and all that agree with me should like this post" and then a shit load of people liked the post.

    We can do it again though if you'd like since that one wasn't satisfying

    Aid is bad, including to Egypt.
    Like if you agree.

  6. Accessing this forum is going out of my way, what's the harm in posting in the topic, even when I am agreeing with it.

  7. None of what you said changes anything: American aid to Israel is still unconstitutional.

    As far as aid to other countries goes, each case has to be taken on an individual basis. What you're saying is if anyone talks about aid to one country they must also talk about aid to every country. This is just a veiled attempt by you to change the subject matter of this thread.
  8. Can someone inform J-Dilla that Israel isnt the only ally the US has in the middle east.

  9. MOAR aid to the Muslim Brotherhood!

    Morsi needs more money to overrule the consitution and give himself immunity:rolleyes:
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    I have two people so far.

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  11. US should eliminate foreign aid all together. I don't want my fucking money to help the elites and military of another country, they can help themselves.
  12. is US aid to one of the most oppressive regimes in the world (Saudi Arabia) unconstitutional?

    what about Pakistan?

    why just Israel?
  13. Aid to Saudi Arabia is probably the most deplorable of them all. Shows the hypocrisy of American foreign policy, and the hypocrrisy of interventionism.

    We don't like Ahmadinejad, an elected representative, but we have no problem with an Islamic absolute monarchy so long as we are on the oil tit.

    It's time for everyone to get off America's money tit.
  14. Once again, another moot point thread.

    Keep on tokin'
  15. Title should be edited.. OP double click on your thread in the forum section and rename it to 'American foriegn aid is unconstitional'

  16. I totally agree. America gives aid to many dictator countries and they don't even use it as aid. It goes to weapons or weapon development a lot of the time. Look at Iran how much of the billions of aid we give go to feeding a people (who hate us) but could really need it? VERY little, most of it is going towards developing a nuclear weapons program.

    Same thing with a lot of African countries. The food isn't going to feed people, it goes to whatever the government wants, but isn't helpful most of the time to the people of the country.

    There are definately exceptions to this (I'm bet Ethiopia is one) but as far as muslim countries go, most of it doesn't help the average citizen much at all, and our politicians know this so we shouldn't be giving aid to them. You cannot buy approval or friendship with these countries such as these that only respect force. It's really viewed as a weakness to many of these countries that we come to them with all this money and thinking we can look more favourable to them.

    Iran hates us and that will not change until their leader changes to someone who isn't bent on seeing our country's ruin and Israel's demise. There's kids television shows in Iran catered to 4-7 year old children screaming at them (using small children) to brutally slaughter Americans and Jews. Obviously their attitude won't change until they have a leader/leaders who disagree with this.
  17. America doesn't give a shit if the government has a dictatorship or not. They'll only start conflicts with countries that they don't have a military base on and places they don't get money from.

    You never hear about the other dictatorship countries on the news that the US supports, only the countries it doesn't have any money-making or military ties with. Like syria, and N korea.

  18. Not only that, if Israel is an ally of the United States it's one of almost total irelevance.

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