Discussion in 'General' started by chargerschris, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hello gc, today I want to rant about the state of our country (most of us anyways) it sickens me to see people here in California not wanting to be American, this would be fine with me if they weren't LIVING here in america taking advantage of our great (mostley) social services programs and yet they continue to believe that Mexico or where ever is a better place. In my mind if you don't love being American then stop taking advantage of what being american entitles you to... I hate hearing these mexicans saying they are going to "take over California because they keep spawning offspring like fuckin rabbits. Now I have many friends and people who I like and respect who are Mexican but those who arnt citizens and don't pay taxes and don't work but take away from people trying to obtain their American dream makes me want to puke. God bless America

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