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  1. I love america, yet america is hated. I guess that makes me bushs poodle.But I would rater be a dog in new york city than a prince in riyadh. above all, america is hated because it is what every country wants to Be rich, free, strong, open and optimistic. Not ground down by the past, or religion or some caste system. To our shame bush gets a worse press than hussein. onece we were told that saddam gassed the kurds, tortured his own people and set up rape camps in kuwait. Now we are told he likes quality streets. Save me the orange center,oh mighty one. remember....remember....september 11 One of the greatest atrocities int human history was committed against america. No, do more than remember.

  2. we are not supported in this because people don't want to see how powerful we are. They are afraid of us. This is the first time in history that there has really only been one major world power and that is us. Next year we will spend more money on defense than every other country in the world put together and only use 4% of our GNP doing it (or was it GDP? I always get them confused). People always rebel against the strong. They fear that we could get power happy and attack anyone. I guess I would also rather be a free dog in the greatest country on earth.
  3. As to how I feel about the war, read my signature.

    And people tend to dislike us because of statements like that. Unlike some most people aren't driven my just jealousy and contempt. Surprisingly not too many hate us, I could point out a few prime examples here at the city.

    I love a lot of what America is and was, but right now I'm not going to blame anyone for their views towards us, barring the more extreme cases they're justified.
  4. i enjoy your patriotism, being a man who appreciates america myself. i dont mind people protesting the war, or objecting to it, or not supporting the president, hey if i were to stop their free speech, this wouldnt be america. but what really gets to me is when people just say that they hate america, and then they end it right there. some have thier reasons, but they usually arent good ones. there is never a reason to blindly hate the most celebrated country in the world, its pretty much unanimous among foreign powers that america is the top dog, and the only remaining super power in the world, so i really dont get the point in hating the one thing you cant change...but if people want to waste their breath and talk about how much they hate america...thats cool, i would rather they shove it up their spineless asses,but im not gonna stress myself out over it, trying to convince these commie bastards to see your side is like trying to convince shit to not smell..
  5. okay, that's about seven times I've seen a pro war person mention commies one way or another since the war started...
    why don't we just go attack all the spineless commies that hate us then? you know, china and north korea for example
    oh, wait, they can defend themselves with highly destructive weapons, that's no good.
    oh well, at least we have someone to pick on.

    and it's for a good cause, we're gunna free all them iraqis to death!
  6. whoa dude chill out i only said commies is that i know alot of college deusche bags with dreadlocks who hate america because they want to live under a communits system because they want everyone to "get along" thats the only reason i speak ill of communists, and i never suggested we attack communist countries merely for being communist, its a well documented fact that they will eventualy destroy themselves. so dont take an off the cuff comment about communism and use it against me
  7. people who hate america usually do so coz' US foreign policy since the second world war have been one tragedy after another. the US have systematically harassed, supressed and undermined local governments. even arranged coups in some and waged war against others. why, coz' the local governments were "acting against US interests."

    arabians do not like US interference in arabian matters. plain and simple. europeans don't like the US waging war outside the framework of the UN. south americans don't like US policy of enforcing free trade and US companies to take control of their economic structure and natural resources.

    hate does not surface from nowhere. cause and effect.

    then, i have to say, i don't like commies either. not 'coz they're commies as such. it's more that they have the wrong answers to the right questions. but at least they are *asking* those questions.
  8. oh wait dont we have a battle ship off the coast of north korea and also we just received permision from south korea to keep some stealth bombers over there. If we wanted to we could drop one bomb on there nuclear reactor and that would be the end of north korea.I also find it funny how north korea waited until we were allready fighting in afgh and Iroq to start with there pittily ass games. Remember this is a war against terorism and to say that hussein isnt a terorist is nieve. For god sakes they have pictures of the trade center with planes crashing into it, in there government buildings.
  9. no comment. not coherent or serious arguments. please clarify.

  10. if Scotland were ever to get like america i'd either kill myself or move away and start complaining about it.
  11. well it doesnt say he has none..hehe it says n/a meaning not available :p he has some but they are in lala land or something, who knows :)

    oh and cus he isnt registered yet hehe..

  12. He has gotten himself banned for some reason!!!!!

    I agree with Krazihare 100%.

    We don't fight with people whom have weapons equal to ours!
  13. people are just afraid of what they don't know..... they get scared and actions are taken..... may it be if the said actions are reasonible or not.
  14. hmmm, if the US strategic command is as flawed as microsoft products, we're in for a shitload of trouble...

  15. I do see the resemblance....There are other countries with similar neuclear weapons..But not as big or good as ours!!!!!

  16. You have that shit right!!!!
  17. America is a great and powerful nation, and being an American is generally great, especially if you are in America!

    Our government is corrupt like most, but because of the immense size and scope, we inflict much greater, both good and bad. The world should know our short history pretty well and that it was created in a revolution driven by the powerful (basically rum runners) of the colonies. We are the “United States of Corporate America, Inc.”, no way around that.

    The basic principles of the nation are excellent though, but alas, we struggle with our greatness and the world sees that as weakness and arrogance, and they have half of that right.

    Think about it, why do we chum up to Saudi Arabia? Here’s the answer you weren’t expecting; they only take gold, or the U.S. dollar in exchange for their oil (U.S. Dollar is backed up by gold as well). Essentially they underwrite our currency because we need to control energy costs, and the Saudis provide around 75% of our petrol supply. Other nations must deal in gold, or the U.S. dollar with the Saudis, either of which solidifies our currency.

    Anyway, just the tip of the iceberg.

  18. that's all gonna change with the euro...

    why? european economy is stronger. more predictable. and not to mention that europe is less dependent on outside raw resources (except oil, until russia gets it's act together in the caucasus and siberia).

    still, the US *is* an industrial megapower that europe will have to struggle to compete with, but the hegemoni of US airindustry is now broken by airbus. the car industry is also equalled if not surpassed by EU and Asian carmakers. Asia have long ago surpassed the US and EU in home electronics, but not in research and development, where the US is still leading.

    China and India are challenging the current Russian/US monopoly on manned spacemission. before long, the Chinese will have a man on the moon, whilst NASA is busy trying to dislodge their thumb from their ass flying them flawed shuttles.

    America have lost it's vision as a leading power. instead of finding new ways of beeing great, america is settling into the role of the greatest, and trying to keep that position by bullying the others around. in short, america is no longer leading, but defensive against all the other wannabees that is creeping up from wherenot. and the cool thing is, the rest of the (civilized) world finds it quite easy catching up to speed with and in many areas actually surpassing the US.
  19. Zylark,

    Whether the European economy will prevail, is anybody’s guess at this point, but you are quite correct on many things.

    In fact, China is the largest remaining “real hard currency” nation, and they have refused to play; resulting in their products marketing at tremendous advantages (not to mention third world labor, hooray for them). Watch for that to be an issue in the future.

    I see nothing wrong with the rest of the world having successes beyond the U.S. in any area, except killing us. I wish we could pull back and save the tax money personally.

  20. in a perfect world, this all won't matter a bit. but alas, so is it not. the single fact that the US is loosing ground on just about every segment (economic, social conditions, technology, human rights) imaginable *except* military power, should tell you something.

    eventhough the military spending of the US is small compared to the GNP, it is still the largest percentage in the democratic world. now this would not be a bad thing, if the rest of the world knew that the US followed democratic playing rules, like "though shall not be the aggressor", but of late, this is not the case.

    and when the strongest boy in class start to harass the weaker boys, for no other reason that they don't really like the way them boys drink their milk or whatnot, then that strong boy shows his true weakness. he's a bully. insecure and therefore feels the need to pick on others.

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