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  1. Do we have any freedom? At all?

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    There are already hundreds of threads about this. Can't you post in one of those? Bleh.
  3. Be more specific. What exactly do you WANT to do, that you are not free to do?

    (besides smoking weed)
  4. Expression of self.
  5. Of course we do
  6. I wanna walk around naked.

    I don't think I can do that.
  7. Ok.. Doesnt mean you dont have any freedom.
  8. I can't tell my Econ teacher that she has nice tits either.

    Yea we have some "freedoms" but we have to earn them. They're not free.
  9. You can't really say "besides smoking weed" since its deals with one of the very key issues regarding our freedom. It shows government and people for what they are, a coercive institution propped up by the very same people who dont mind using violence against you because you disagree with them.
  10. You were born with some freedoms.. You personally didnt have to do anything to earn them

  11. You have your guns. As long as you can walk around with an AK-whatever strapped to your back you are free.

    We here in Europe are very jealous of your big guns. :(
  12. Yes. But few. When you grow up your freedoms begin to diminish also. Because of societal views and media you are told what you are suppose to want. Whether you want them or not. Eventually, u cave in and want the things which you think are acceptable.
  13. We can't walk around with an AK XD. I wish. Haha. ATM they are trying to take our guns away.....
  14. Hey OP how old are you?
  15. And very true Maituzu. If we are so free, why can'twe choose to do with ourselves how we want? If I wanna smoke weed. I should be allowed too. Who the fuck is the government to tell me I can't?!

  16. And yet, in two states it is now fully legal, and medical marijuana is legal in another 16 or 17 states. Twenty years ago? It was completely illegal, everywhere. WE ARE LOSING RIGHTS!!!
  17. Not to go unnoticed all the positives of it. They are overlooked because it makes people more violent and u lose brain cells....
  18. Its getting hard to tell if we have freedom of privacy.

    Its getting hard to tell if we have freedom to protest.

    Its getting hard to tell if we will have freedom to defend ourselves properly.

    We don't have the freedom to decide where our income goes.

    If we have freedom, it seems very limited and restricted and that in itself doesn't seem like freedom at all.

  19. Bummer.:(

    Ah well at least you still have your cowboy hats, boots and holsters. We only get to dress up like that when we are kids. Although i must say i always wanted to be an indian when we played as kids.

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