America Would Like To Apologize

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  1. Dear poor indigenous people of Guatemala, We, the Great Nation of America, are sorry that we thought you were chattel for the experiments of our mad scientists and used as guinea pigs for extended germ warfare campaigns, disguised as 'research'.

    If it makes you feel any better, we treat the poor and indigenous citizens of our own nation the same way, and we always have. Sometimes, when busted by the press, we even admit it. Apology accepted??

    Yours Truly, Uncle Sham.

    (P.S. I hope this admission will not affect our relationship, we love you.)

    U.S. apologizes for STD experiments in Guatemala - Health - Sexual health -

    In fact, America has a really long legacy of covert infection and conquest by genocide. Anything else you can think of America should apologize for?:eek:
  2. Welcome to planet earth!

    This doesn't surprise me one bit. Seems similar to the twin experiments done by Germany in WWII.
  3. man.. how can you say that about our Government? The government that allows fluoride in the public drinking water to assure that we have the nicest whitest teeth in the world!
    what other government cares about it's population's dental hygiene so much that they would go through such an expense and effort?


  4. What other government cares so much about it's people's sex lives, regardless of where they are?

    Funny, the rise in American STD's that took place in the years immediately following the Guatemalan experiments...almost as if they were, somehow, mysteriously created in a lab...perhaps somewhere in a jungle...then injected into American ghettos?:rolleyes:

    Maybe they came up with restless leg syndrome down there, that would explain the influx of Guatemalan refugees. One of them took a great job as Meg Whitman's maid!

    We'll see how that pays off.

  5. [ame=]YouTube - Gwar Think You Outta Know This[/ame]
  6. WHAT!?!??!?!?!?!??!?! How dare you suggest that America should apologize for any fuck up that it made. America apologises to no one, if you want to apologize all the time, why not move to Canada, they're all aboot that! America should never apologize, no matter how hard we fuck up. America, woo, fuck yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Al

    First fair warning - I have reported this thread to the NSA. I expect that after geotracking your signal they will triangulate your position and you should be expecting the black helicopters and SUVs . . . now.

    In the few futile remaining moments I hope that you will reflect upon the negative impact of spreading these false rumors about our beloved State. I expect that by now they have smashed in the door and are 'pacifying' any pets that have offered opposition.

    And yes, as you are overwhelmed, tazed or pepper sprayed and the zip ties inevitably cinch around your wrists, it is too late for absolution. For it has been determined by our scientists that behavior such as this is unacceptable as a part of our society. In order to better protect the interests of the people of this great nation from the ever present terrorist threat such measures are necessary and we assure other citizens that they have our word only as much force is necessary to maintain order within society.

    And it has been determined that speech such as this is not protected speech - because it is how the terrorists have been spreading their propaganda in a direct attempt to harm the image of the United States around the world. As a result any caught furthering their message is to be deemed sympathetic to the Al Qaeda threat.

    /sacasm off hope you enjoyed it.
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    crazy shit..
    funny that anyone who suggests things like this still go on is usually deemed a crazy conspiracy theorist.
  9. It surprises me to know that people still, to this day, support these vicious and archaic institutions that we know as 'Governments'. They talk about how uncivilized the world would be if we did away with Governments overnight.

    Then you tell them stories about how various Governments all around the world varying from Governmental type, to culture, to ethnicity, etc., all do horrible things and exploit their populace, and their only retort is to get the right guys in power.
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    The political elite of America needs to apologize to the world not the average Joe American.

    There the ones driving the car..

    EDIT.. The list would be too big for the internet.. It may crash.. Be careful what you ask for..:eek::smoke:
  11. So like what....they gave them the clap or something? Did they inject them with the STD, or did they like fly dirty whores in? .....thats a shame, tsk tsk tsk.

  12. a little bit of both i guess :p

  13. One thing the United States should recognize and accept is the Armenian Genocide. I love how we're taught in high school how sick people are for denying the Jewish Holocaust, but we 1) are not taught about the Armenian Genocide or 2) are not taught how the United States government denies it ever happened. Good ole hypocritical America :rolleyes:
  14. We're not taught that Communism and Socialism killed 160 million people in the 20th century, either.
  15. Damn,American just keeps fucking up :laughing:
  16. Damn, that is dark.

  17. how many lives is Democracy killing in the 21st though?
  18. In addition to the apology, the U.S. is setting up commissions to ensure that human medical research conducted around the globe meets "rigorous ethical standards."

    I feel soo much better

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