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  1. Doesn't it seem like, instead of a country, we live in a company. The moment your born, and parents sign your birth certificate, that is your new hire packet, now you are an employee of the US. The govt abides by company policies, no longer the constitution, especially since the Patriot Act. School is also another part of it, how can it be schooling, when all they teach you is how to be a slave, from this time in the morning to this time, you have to be somewhere working. We train up our kids to be employees, rather than citizens. Then when you get out, its like YEEHAW lets go get a job and be a slave, get a job, pay for health insurance pay for everything that THEY GIVE YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE, all the medications that cause other diseases. Its all profitable, everything they push on us is to make money, they don't care about anybodies health or well being, ciggarettes for example. and the hundreds of other things that cause cancer. We do it to ourselves man, thats just my take, nobody is to blame for the current system but ourselves. What do yall think?
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    I agree whole-heartedly, and it all goes down to our history

    This is because America was a corporation to begin with.

    Virginia was the Virginia Holding Company

    Our corporate history books don't tell us that colonialism usually wasn't the act of the government itself, but liberties it gave to its favorite corporations. Almost all of the intolerable acts were acts by corporations and not the king himself.

    It explains why our law is so much jargin and so complicated and why the American dream is: "work as hard as you can and maybe some day, you might succeed. If not, you possibly have made your children's life better"
  3. The government will obviously favor political entrepreneurs over their free-market competitors. Monopoly privilege is the only thing the government can bring to the economy.
  4. You know how sometimes you see your name in all capital letters on certain government and other documents? That's not the personal entity you, but rather the corporate you. It is the entity with which you unwittingly enter into contracts with the government with things like Social Security and driver's licenses.
  5. lol conspiracy kid thread

    someone just watched Esoteric Agenda :rolleyes:
  6. Are you sure? Or are you condemning something you know nothing about?
  7. Im just angry that we have let the US become exploited. It really isn't something that happened overnight. People haven't realized that almost every facet of our lives is a money racket, and the govt feels no shame in packing it on, you got to ask yourself, how much you gonna take, before you slide off and do SOMETHING!
  8. i probably know just as much or more about "it" than you do, lmfao
  9. Lol what are saying sublime, this isn't a conspiracy thread.
  10. And that validates your opinion how, exactly? (Assuming it is even true ;))
  11. Great post.
    I agree with a lot of it.
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    There is only one way to avoid working for America the company.

    A lot of people don't know this, and I would encourage you spread the word around. As a parent, you do NOT need to accept your child's social security number. Your child can live his life legally without a social security number, and if they so choose can acquire one at a later date. Not having a social security number is a pretty big set back as far as functioning in today's society, but like I said they can acquire one at a later date if they so choose. I know that none of my children will be receiving social security numbers at birth, it will be their choice later in life if they want to participate in this monstrosity of a government.

    You may need to make it very clear to the employees of the hospital when they register everything. I have heard some horror stories, but it is possible. Just don't accept it.

    Edit: I found this on the SSA website,

  13. Hey, I'm not to blame. I would be fine if all you law making morons just let people live their lives, but noooooo, you feel you have incentive to backup some shitty representative democracy. I guess self (but remember self not only represents you, but apparently all of your shiny things also) preservation is everyone's number one concern right? Don't act like the government is the one enforcing the bottom line, because in the end it is you guys that would be crying if things were to change. Not me though, even if I died from hunger I would at least be happy to see that the world wasn't as crazy as I had thought... I don't think I'd die though, I got a bunker stuffed with 1 years worth of supplies and my pointy stick to protect it from the zombie outbreak that would surely ensue after the governments dissipate and decided if they couldn't control the world than everyone must die by way of nuclear holocaust. :smoking:
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  14. I whole-heartedly agree with you on this mate.
    However when you say 'Nobody is to blame for the current system but ourselves' i think there is a lot more to it than that.
    Granted we are all 'People' and its nice to think that deep down, we're all good people.
    But this is not the case as you know.
    **Enter Stage Right, the Ulterior Motive**

    "Ooh.. whats this? we can do whatever we like to people as long as we implore them to believe that everything we do is for their protection."
    "Sure, we're raising taxes, and now you probably wont be able to feed your family.. but hey! we're doing this for you! so be grateful would you America?"
    "If you dont like the way we do things here, you're a Terrorist!!"

    There is a point in the psyche of the power-hungry that rule over us, where we stop being the same people, and start being an easily exploitable resource, that will actually APPLAUD you for keeping them down.

    We are a different people.
  15. I'm with you too man. I just finished reading Philip Dru: Administrator (free on It was written in 1912 about social injustices caused by political manipulation and eventually describes a fictitious overthrow of the US government. Then it strangely goes into proposing a North American Union -- but in this case it's not the NWO or multinational banks in control.

    I've also delved into Mary Elizabeth Croft (just search google). Another interesting read, albeit a little convaluded and scattered.

    I recently moved up to a cabin in Montana to enjoy the summer out of the city. Only there's no DSL up here. I used to be a youtube whore. Now I only read and post -- which is better 'cuz I'll use my brain more. Check out my favorites for some interesting videos:
  16. Excuse me, but wtf are you talking about? :confused:
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    to raul duke, have you picked up a history book rescently? perhaps people fleed to america to escape the gaugeing taxes from the KING, where their government would take as much as they could without destroying their income source, the taxpayer. not to mention the religous prosicution, or the total lack of other simple freedoms in europe.

    and to the person who started this thread, i didn't know having a job was exclusive to the usa, do they not work every single other place in the world? weather or not it's labeled as a job or not everyone has one, the way it's structured in the us, everyone has a job and lives a higher quality of life. that's the only reason we do these things, if you'd like to go to a country that's not as structured as ours go ahead, live off the land, but for me(and i'm sure you as well) i'd rather remain a "slave" and proceed to be one of the most free and prosperous citizens of the world.

    i really want to hold this back but you guys gave me no option, you're alll morons!!! think with your brain and not your emotions and you will come up with the real answer.

  18. History books! Bah!

  19. Who needs to read books, when CNN gives you the news and does reasoning for you?
  20. Dude, OK. we still pay taxes (how high or low they are compared to europe in the 1600s I don't care). And the government still won't grant you many simple freedoms in America. I mean there is a law for every situation that leaves very little room for these simple freedoms.

    The government mistreats you and you still follow it around wherever it goes and love it like a stupid dog... and then you call us morons. :rolleyes: But you know what, I rather be called a moron than someones bitch, which is essentially what you are... the governments bitch.

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