America prepares for Martial Law

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, May 29, 2006.

  1. i didn't watch any of it... but yes america has a terrible future coming... we brought it on ourselves... but i'll be glad to see it go.
  2. This is a global issue. Everything the U.S. does is a global issue. The super-power of the world is about to show it's true face of fascism and the world will pay the price for having not acted.
  3. this alex jones loves to toot his own horn.

    what the fuck is he talking about? he says he's prepared to be self-sustaining...but what about people who dont have the time to think up all this conspiracy bullshit, cuz they have to take care of families? when the government allegedly steps in and seizes their property, how in the world is the average family gonna just turn in the little house on the prairie?

    in response to the new orleans deal...i completely support that. obviously they werent there to help the effort, so theyre in the way. either help or get the fuck out.

    all these FEMA plans for reformation, who decides what "strong leadership" is?

    i really dont think twice about stuff like this, i dont see any interviews or documentation of the "pastor revere" (how cute) or his colleagues.

    basically, this seems pretty ridiculous to swallow. the last guy in the second video is comparing our government to walmart. and then he cries about his mom who drowned. that fucking negates everything he said before. his extreme behavior concerning his loss says that his concern for this stems from his mother's death, not the anti-government stance that was meant to portray.

    just cuz rescue workers didnt get to his mom's house on time (much less had the resources to do so), doesnt mean one can blame the easiest scapegoat we have...the govt.

    and basically if this is all true, then there aint a fucking thing i can do about it. if this is true, america doesnt have a dark future, we're already fucked.

    so im gonna live my life the best that i can, as im not even in a position to have my voice heard.

    edit: this website first says that FEMA ousted people out of their homes, and then it said that FEMA wouldnt let them leave. which one was it?
  4. tell me what the "world" can do to stop the US? just wondering, as we are the superpower.

  5. Don't speak so quickly. China and their military rivals the U.S.

    I should have been more specific. It is more the fault of the everyday American citizen, failing to enforce their right to democracy. Bush has an apporval rating below 26%.

    This man does not represent the intertest of those within the country. He hasn't for a long time. Impeach this motherfucker! How is he still in control of your country?

    Nobody likes him, they thinks he's a moron, and he has fucked up royally. He has broken literally hundreds of laws, both domestic and international. war crimes, civil crimes, legislative crimes, crimes against humanity etc.

    We will get was we deserve for out blind acceptance and refusal to be active in our government. Our government no longer works for us. We work for it.

    We're just war fodder, we pay for the war, we fight the war. All for false patriotic ideals and the gain of capitalism.

    Scoob, you're missing the big picture. The whole idea behind the article is the damning evidence of impending martial law. These fascists just hide behind patriotism and propaganda to achieve their motives. These methods directly counter the liberties given by your constitution and bill of rights. This doesn't disturb you?

    I don't see why this is so hard to believe. Hitler tried the very same thing not 70 years ago.
  6. geez so much.

    i didnt know you were proposing war to deal with the US, i actually thought you were denouncing war.

    dude, our congress is also republican at the moment, impeachment is hardly in the picture.

    im not missing it. Rasta, its so easy to point out the flaws of our gov'ts.

    you know whats tough? providing solutions.

    yes it kinda disturbs me at the like the very top of my head, the same place where im disturbed by death.

    cuz if this is true, like i said i have no voice, no influence to be heard at the moment.

    btw, hitler was a radical, things happened pretty fast. If one wants to view us as a police state, this shit has been going one much much longer than it took for hitler to acheive his goals. i think if our government really wanted to be fascist, it would have long ago.

    i hear the arguement, but what if they want to gradually step everything up until theyre in complete control, so no one notices and protests?

    because protesters (usually being few and far between), under a radical government, are quite easily suppressed.

    if this was really the agenda, i honestly think it would take at most a couple years to go straight to 1984 style govt.
  7. I wasn't trying to provide war as an option. Most people think that the U.S. Army is some kind of super machine when it really isn't. If a couple thousand of CIA-trained 'insugrents' and 'rebels' can inflict that much damage and stalemate, than think about an army with ground forces over 1 million and a defence budget almost equal to that of the U.S. - point is the U.S. isn't indestructable, even with a fully organize military spearheading it.

    As far as providing solutions, I think we're fucked. Unless we can change the minds and opinions of tens of millions of people within several years, we are absolutley powerless to the interests of corporate America and their white-breed conservative politicans. Knowleges and awareness is the key to fighting fascisms and totaltarianism.

    And after reading your comments, You and I have more in common on this subject than we differ. The title and initals post may not have fully explained my opinions on the subject. I think this is yet another stage in a massive plan to turn North America into a unified police-state

    I think that is precisley what they're doing. Gradually getting us used to the police state. I could give dozens upon dozens of examples. I thought this particular one stood out recently. Trying to enforce martial law through religious leaders? Nothing new, the pope did it in WWII with Mousalini's fascist tantrum.

    Withing our lifetimes (yours at least), I think we will see a global government with a rapidly increasing police state. Newspeak, the Thought Police, Big Brother, Hate Week.... it may all become a little too real. We're beginning to see it now, if you know where to look, and how to look past state-sponsored mass media.
  8. all i know is im getting my shotie tomarrow and if some army punk tries to take it then im gonna give it to him...slug first.
    you know i see this coming too. get ready for all the major citys to get bombed by "iran" then total chaos then the "one leader, one world" shit will happen then everyone will be "oh ok ill follow him since i get food to eat and water to drink" then restaince getting ready for it, hell i already have a garden with tomatos, nicotiana (tobacco), and weed.
    im just saying u all need to think about what ur going to do when all this starts to go down and i swear to god that one day, its all going to begain. u'll see, one day...
  9. well, in social studies class a while ago, our teacher was talking about china becoming the worlds next superpower. he was talking about the past superpowers, and how they reached their demise, and he also said that america will meet its demise one day too.
  10. yeah i'm gonna get a few guns as well soon as i can. and then you have some of these foreigners saying that we shouldnt have guns. yeah, lets just be completely defenseless when 5 cops (or anyone) roll on you trying to beat your ass or kill you for no reason :rolleyes: some bum comes up with a knife or a gun and tells you to suck his dick or that hes gonna rape your girlfriend, what the fuck are you gonna do, huh? just put all your trust and all your security in the hands of some psychotic bum? you gotta defend yourself man - fuck that christian/pacifist bullshit: "if he hits you, turn your cheek and let him hit you again."

    if someone is threatening your security, especially the government, you need guns and you need a LOT of them. you need AMMUNITION. you need knives, bombs, high powered rifles. you need to bomb buildings, kidnap people, torture people. do you know how advanced our military is? they've got tanks, jets, helicopters, chemical weapons, nuclear weapons..everything you can think of. this isnt colonial days, pals. if we had to overthrow the military, what are we supposed to do it with? baseball bats? dry ice bombs? would we just call the UN up? would the UN will just roll up with the cavalry and help us out? it'll be a cold day in hell before i depend on those idiots. just look at sudan
  11. thank god for the internet, or for that matter, free speech in general, you know?

    imagine if all this was going on, without the easy access of this type of information, it's not like they are going to be broadcasting this on fox.

    basically, I feel we are on a very slippery slope here and I am glad atleast some people are informed on it and are helping spread the word

    canada here I come, I hear you guys have great pot :smoking:
  12. secretly rasta man.... i kinda wish for america's demise and for chaos to break out... i think i'd survive fairly well, and i'd finally be free from these god damn restrictions, being forced to control my natural impulses.... id kill everyone off in my neighborhood if i had to to survive.... thankfully ive already got a stockpile of guns in my house thanks to my father being from texas... :D :devious: , fucking bring it in, you step 1 foot over the line i spray paint on the pavtment, and ill pop your ass with a rifle!!!! :hello:
  13. I'll tell you this, if someone comes knocking on my door armed with a portfolio and dressed in khakis while two other men behind him armed with sub-machine guns and kevlar body armor.. I'm going to give him my gun, when they leave, pack my shit up, grab my keys and my ass is headin' to canada with my boys.

    Not too long ago though, a friend I work with and I were talking about the US declaring Martial Law. Sad that it could come true.
  14. I feel that martial law in the US is a good chance and many Americans will stand by as "terrorism" in the form of bioterrorism, violent terrorism, or propaganda invented by our govt, or a plague, is used as an excuse to take away our guarenteed rights. I plan to leave the US in my future, but this Alex Jones guy is a bit over the top.. not that I'm against self-sufficiency, and not that I don't believe in the capability of the Bush administration to do horrible things (or continue to) but still.
  15. That's where your wrong.

    Canada is quickly becoming Americanized. Hell even our prime minister is going to the Bilderberg group meeting. They're all interconnected.

    Canada will be americanized by the end of the century. It's already begun. Fear-generation, you can see it, slowly starts to chug to life. We've joined America overseas in Afghanistan.

    Guns and drug violent has exploded recently due to the world's biggest drug kingpin (CIA) moving into town. They've intentionally stimulated the gang and biker violence. They see to it that innocent people are caught in the crossfire and internal chaos is created. All of a sudden the youth minotiries are demonized by media.

    Soon we'll come under terrorist threat, or in fact be attacked by terrorists, then we will be urges to let go of our liberties so our government can protect us. Due to our agression in Afghanistan.
  16. 'eh mon, ya now wut i say, itza bout time we leave deez streets and move to Jahmayca; ye 'ere me? we can smoke jah reefer and sip on da beer. horray beer!
  17. jamaica was like the murder capital of the world a few years ago, dude i dont think you want to go there for anything but vacation mon.

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