America is a fag supporting country and is doomed because of it.

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  1. At least that is what some crazy nut job says.

    A teacher showed us today in college:

    This "church" goes to military burials saying that the reason our soldiers are killed in war is because America is supporting homosexuality.
    The guy that killed all those people in Norway was sent by God...

    Like what the fuck... :hide:
  2. Lol they've been around for so long man.
  3. that church is either really true to the bible, or they are the most committed trolls since Bugs Bunny.
  4. WBC has been at it for years. They're about an hours drive from me and they protest all the time in KCMO. MO and KS just passed a law to make it illegal to protest within 1 mile of a veterans' funeral, or any funeral. :hello: Fuck they even protested Ryan Dunn's funerals because 'God hates jackasses' they'll find any excuse to protest anything.

    They're not even a real church, the only people that attend are immediate family members. lmfao
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    Id like to smash those stupid fucking picket signs through there psychotic brains.

    Like really, there so unbelievably crazy, irrational, and idiotic, they all deserve a severe, near death ass beating, so they can die, see what god has in store for them, and then come back to life.

    I don't even understand there point, I understand they believe that gay people are going to hell, but why the fuck do they bring it to the point of psychotic hate, like saying they should be killed

    And most of there shit MAKES NO SENSE, shit like "Thank god for dead soldiers", and "God is your enemy", and, "Pray for more dead soldiers", and "Fags Doom nations", and "God hates you", and "Obama = antichrist" (Because he's a black democrat)

    Like that shit doesn't even make sense, its not even in the least bit rational, even when I try to think of it coming from the perspective of a psychopath.
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    Ever since 'don't ask, don't tell' was repealed, the homophobes have been out in full force



  7. And you sound so calm, loving, and accepting. :hide:
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    Never claimed I was a calm accepting person with no hate.

    I hate the WBC, but guess what, my hate for them is rational, its logical, there hate for people, is irrational, and just plain batshit crazy.

    I think the world would be alot better off without them, If someone told me they where going to murder every single one of them, I would give them a high five and a pat on the back.
  9. [ame=]GOD HATES FAGS!!! - YouTube[/ame]
  10. That made me smile so much, dope. :D
  11. [ame=]Westboro Baptist Church family disowns daughter[/ame]

    If they don't like it then why the hell don't they just leave?
  12. I liked the story about the biker gang that followed one of their members to a gas station and beat the living shit out of him. There were tons of witnesses but they all turned a blind eye because literally EVERYBODY hates WBC lol
  13. If people have irrational beliefs and express them, then we should kill them all. How is that rational?
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    I loved it when that obese stupid cunt was pushing her kids in her car and running away, and the dude behind her was like, "You're not welcome here biatch!"
  15. Those people are not Christians and are going straight to hell
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    If there beliefs are that of the WBC, ya, then we should kill them. They say fags deserve to die, they say pray for more dead soldiers.

    Id say killing people like that seems pretty rational to me. I see it as no more irrational then killing a dangerous psychopath.

    And I never said anything about people expressing any form of irrational beliefs, period.
  17. Just like how the racists came out after Obama was elected.
    They feel threatened when the status quo is changed.

  18. You said something far worse with this last statement. You are now saying, people who have a certain belief system (individuals who think like the WBC) should be exterminated. :eek:
  19. what a coincidence , i was looking at these videos the other night

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