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America is a corporation.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by MandalaSmoker, Jun 29, 2012.


    This is just an article submitted by an ex judge.Research what he talks about.Here in alittle bit I can add some law books and pdfs and whatnot.

    There is more than one law has a show on with David Meola and he teaches law.His schedule is for wednsdays on blog talk radio.

    He will provide pdfs,links,law books you can look into,ect ect.He teaches how to ex patirate from corporate america.Sending love and positive vibes everyones way.Saying this we need to get back to out god given rights.Not what some asshat that runs the planet tells you to live by.
  2. I can't take all of your conspiracy posts seriously when your location says ""

  3. Have you studied law welker?I know you have not.Wake up man.You have certainly been lied to.If you go to david meola has 8 shows already done.If you listen to them and actually research all of this you'd know.

    If you actually read that article you'd know.YET YOU STILL ARE DON'T WANT TO BE AWARE OF THE TRUTH.not my problem.I've presented it.Do your own research or suffer what's going to happen.

    Also have fun getting rfid chipped from your health care bill.

    The reptilian stuff you don't have to look into.This law you can prove by doing research.
  4. well if you dont like america then get the fuck out. too many people on this site bitch about shit like this. do something about it instead of making a thread which will not change shit.
  5. Spreading awareness isn't doing anything? By your logic, he should do it all himself. You know for a fact that he's not doing anything? Maybe he's looking for a legitimately interested, smart person/people to collaborate with.

    If we all took the approach of, "I don't like it, I'm going to leave," how long would it be until there was nowhere to go that we liked? Change takes action, which inevitably starts out on a smaller scale and grows at its own pace from there. Don't hate somebody for trying to make a change for what they think is better. Hate those who try to stop them.
  6. The internet can defeat media mind control that's why they're slowly diminishing our power on it with all those new laws.

    Use it to help out a brother or two while you can.
  7. Make a thread showing people what's going on? your not doing anything so gtfo of america... LOL
    this is the reason americans are sheep
  8. None of your threads have any suggested action OP. Provide some.
  9. Should there be a suggested action, when one is learning about history?

    then why should there be suggested action when one is learning about the present?

    it's up to you what you want to do with the information.
  10. A corporation is. 3 capital letter word. USA,CIA,FBI...

  11. To your second question: yes.

    Because if were talking about how fucked up something is right NOW, we should fix it.

    Please OP, enlighten us. You seem to be so well informed on internet conspiracies, and I want to help. What should I do about this one?
  12. just the truth
  13. i wouldnt dismiss it so quickly if i was you. do some research.
  14. Is reptile from mortal kombat reptilian?
  15. Correction: America is a brainless corporation
  16. PAC • Splash Page

    Here is a link to get you started.Wasn't sure people were posting in here.Let me read what y'all wrote and Ill get back to you.
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    What do you want me to do running?hold your dick while you piss?Change starts from within my friend.I'm working on myself at the moment.You can start to take action aswell.How?well for one you can inform the people of information.I know some may not listen,or want to.That's fine,this isn't about imposing my will upon anyone else whatsoever.

    What have I been doing to make this world better?Well for one like I said,I'm working on myself.This is all I can do right now,besides helping others.I'm going to volentere sorry for spelling,my time at a food kitchen or something very soon.What do you want me to do my friend?Really you said make a suggestion.A suggestion as to what?can you not think for yourself?You help out in anyway possible,I don't care if its holding doors open and giving 50 cents to someone.Hell even a smile from across the pond if you will,will give someone light.

    What is it you would like me to help with my man?I'm open for suggestions,and I certainly DO NOT have all the answers.I'm not sure what your wanting other than for me to explain how you can make the world better,if you don't know how to make people feel good I'm not sure what to say.Its easy real big effort is needed.Give someone a hug man,hold a door open,smoke a bowl with them,hell I ain't got all the answers.You shouldn't expect me to either.

    Look into yourself for the answers,change starts from within,yadda yadda

    Get the fuck out then LOL with your attitude,know one wants to live in that corporation anyways.They kill you with foods and stuff.Have fun living inside that corporate entity.It isn't one of my liking,sorry.I'm not an animal,nor am I a slave and won't be treated as such.

    Look up The red amendment,its a book,shows how to become a state national.This is how you remove yourself lawfully from the has shows about this.David Meola is the one teaching it.I've already said this but I thought Running should see it again.

    Red amendment book

    When he does shows,Ill be sure to post them in this thread.I can't post links after I write down stuff.I'm on a phone I am sorry for this.He has archived shows at the site I provided and he provides further study materials and stuff for each exam or course he does.

  18. Well i know i've learned one thing today.You have a really annoying habit of not leaving a space after you type a period.Like this.Annoying...

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