America Is A Christian Nation

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Palin: America Is A Christian Nation[/ame]
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    What lying sacks of shit. O'Reilly and Palin both. The US constitution is not based on the 10 commandments or christianity. It is based on the values of the enlightenment, which was (and is) highly critical of all religious dogma.

    Most the US founding fathers were not in a strict sense of the word religious or christian. Many were, as was quite common in the elites of the time, deists. They relied on reason, not religion, when chiseling out that fine document. Had they known what we know today of nature and the universe, they'd probably be agnostic or atheist.

    The various churches, protestant as catholic fought tooth and nail against the enlightenment. Still do to a degree. The catholic church even tried to roll back the gains of the enlightenment by spawning and supporting fascism, and have yet to make amends for that particular project even now.

    The only relation the US constitution have with christianity, is that the enlightenment happened in the judeo-christian cultural sphere. Facilitated by freethinking elites that took advantage of a weakened protestant church (in england and holland in particular) that was not able to wield any proper authority after the exhausting inter-christian wars that followed the reformation.

    A bit of a side note, but Palin really gives me the creeps. I wouldn't be surprised if she one day blurted out some inanity that would confirm my suspicion that she really is not only a fundamental christian hypocrite, but also a theocratic fundamental christian hypocrite.

    edit: the "in god we trust" thingie, was a result of the communism witch-hunts of the McCarthy era in the 50s. That is when it got on the dollar bills, and the "under god" was added to the pledge of allegiance. Prior to that, the de-facto national motto was (as articulated by the founding fathers) "E Pluribus Unum", one from many.

    These religious wingnuts are blatant historical revisionists. Lying about the past to make it fit their current agenda.
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  4. freedom from religious persecution, one of the founding principles of the new world, eh?
  5. Margaret Thatcher and other foreign leaders... :confused:
  6. "in god we trust" wasn't Adopted as the U.S.'s "motto" until the 50's but that phrase had been around for a while. Probably most famously appearing in the Spar Spangled Banner in 1814.
  7. This is because Judeo-Christians are genetically superior to all other species of humans. :D
  8. Treaty of Tripoli, Article 11?

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    Can't wait for the same cast and crew to come in writing a wall of text with slander, innuendo, half-baked history and a few red herrings to exhibit how we 'REALLY R CHRISTIAN!' Probably a few youtube vid's (or promised youtube videos--what if I had a video to show you guys that proved we are christian!? WHAT IF!), some google images and maybe a nice cute graph to boot.

    Scary that Palin said in plain english that we as a nation should basically legislate religious morality.

    Frustrating. And, next time someone asks "WHY ARE YOU SCARED OF SARUHH??"...well here you go, because she's a rube that thinks government should be run like it is the 1920s.
  10. I think I just heard her say freedom of religion is a Christian principle?

    Of course America was a Christian nation. It was founded by Protestants who wanted religious freedom for Protestants. Even still, what other religions were there? Baptists, Lutherans, Quakers, Calvinists? It's all still Christianity. Regardless of what the writers of the Constitution intended they were still heavily influenced by Christianity.

    Roger Williams was the only n*gga who knew what 'religious freedom' actually meant, and even he was still a Baptist.

    That doesn't mean America is or should be or was meant to be a Christian nation.
  11. I agree. Roughly half of the people who signed the Deceleration of Independence were ordained preachers. They were diverse in denomination but it was all a form of Christianity.

    True. Doesn't really matter what America was like.. and it's obviously a lot different now. Our way of life will always change depending on the will of the people (for the most part).
  12. Funny how Christians always think this is a 'Christian nation'. If you honestly think that... you're delusional.
  13. Christianity has become a dirty word in the United States. The threat I am feeling is that the constitution is supposed to have provided for the freedom of religion and the freedom of individuals to practice whatever faith they desire. The difference of opinion on the interpretation of this protection is that secular athiests consider this to mean that they have the freedom to attack anybody who believes in God, where religious people think this was intended to protect us from the abuse of those who wish to destroy our faith.
  14. What annoys me is that oreilly calls palin "governor". no. she's not. she quit so she could be a sellout. she shouldn't deserve to be called former governor in my opinion.
  15. She annoys me too but anybody who has held a position of honor is forever required to be addressed in this way.
  16. God bless 'merka.

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