America Appreciation Thread

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  1. Well I am deathly ill with the stomach flu today, can't even get warm, so I thought I would create a more positive thread on Grass City. There are literally a bazillion threads criticizing the United States on this forum. So lets make this a refuge for positivity. There must be something you like about America.

    Please no trolling that includes sarcastic posts like, "What I love about the America is that weed is illegal.' Please keep it positive and if you disagree with someone in this thread create your own thread about the subject and invite that person to argue with you.

    I'll go first what I appreciate about America is the innovation and the drive of Americans. I am so proud of my fellow human beings that are leading the world in development of new technologies and I am glad that we encourage this.

    Man I puked two times while writing this.
  2. I love America. This place is the tits. Its the government that blows goats. We got some of the most beautiful geography in the world!
  3. We flush our toilets with potable water.
  4. We have toilets to flush:hello:
  5. We have potable water!
  6. We had freedom that one time
  7. I love America.

    I love being able to buy whatever I want whenever I want. I love being able to just walk down the street and ask for a job.

    I love the bill.of rights and hope they give it back soon.

    I love how we are, well at least were, the best ay everything.
  8. Feel better James..

    Merry Christmas Y'all :)

    America, Fuck Yeah! :hello:
  9. you drink out of the toilet?

    that's gross! :eek:

    (merry christmas lady :wave: :love:)
  10. I like the traditional American spirit of liberty. It's gone now, but it was nice while it lasted.
  11. We all live comfortably relative to most other places.
  12. Yes. I love Tue standard in America!

    Lets fight to.protect it

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