Amercian Spliff smokers.

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  1. Hey there fellow blades. I am curious to see if there are any Amercians in the City that enjoy a well rolled spliff. I myself started the habit of rolling with a mix of cannabis and tobacco out of the need to mask the odor when all I had was some papers and had to smoke somewhat covertly. I found that when using the high herb to tobacco ratio, I still taste the herb and it burns slower and the feel of a cone in my hand, just feels right lol.

    So please, let me know if you are a fan of a spliff and live in the states. ( folks in the u.k, feel free to share any tips for this fellow lover of the smoking style thats so popular over the pond)
  2. I don't understand the concept and never will. Tobacco tastes like shit compared to weed, unless you are smoking complete garbage..which I won't do.

    I'd personally rather not smoke than smoke a spliff.
  3. I like spliffs too the only problem is if your smoking with friends and they don't like spliffs moles are good too (bong bowl mixed with tobacco)
  4. I dont want to "still taste the herb" I want to only taste the herb.

    I think its a strange concept to want to combine the two. I've never tried one and never will roll one myself but I would smoke one if offered
  5. Addictive poison that tastes like garbage mixed with a non-addictive plant I raised myself? Pass.
  6. My buddy rolled one up a while ago, but he used tobacco from a Newport ciggy, so the menthol completely overwhelmed the taste, and it was just downright horrible. I'll give it a go with some pipe tobacco next time I pick up a sack though. Seems like it could help me conserve some bud.
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    Im a fan when I do,do it.. Haven't taken any mole rip's lately..
    but when I do it's with some Bali Shag.. :bongin:
    A different high if you don't smoke cig's often.
  8. I'd smoke a spliff, don't get me wrong. I'd just prefer a 100% weed joint then a cigarette after, though. :smoke:
  9. I like spliffs but it depends on the tobacco. If its good tobacco and the right tasting weed, then yes :)
  10. I've only hit a spliff once and it was because I didn't know there was tobacco in it..

    1 hit and I was just like o_O *insert intense coughing fit followed by pissed off look*
  11. I'm from uk and thats just how we smoke here, i cant imagine how much green id go through if i was bonging all the time
  12. everyone in the us thinks its is absurd but they will turn around and smoke a blunt..

    the blunt is the us version of a spliff
  13. No blunts, no backi, keep it green. When i was in Canada though they called a simple 100% green doob a spliff. Idk slang is crazy.

  14. Blunts are gross too. :)

    Smoked one the other day and wish I hadn't.
  15. If I had to ninja smoke and needed to cover the smell. Then yes, maybe I'd hit a spliff.

    Other than that, the taste and feel of a joint or blunt is much more pleasing.
  16. I smoke spliffs regularly. it's all preference, and anyone talking shit can shut the fuck up. not everyone gets 8ths for 20 like some of you guys
  17. i love herb like nothing else in the world and i've never actually toked on a cig and it's not something i'll ever take time out of my life to do, but a few times a week i love smoking a spliff with my friend for the last sesh of the night- well early morning.

    it's not the taste that stands out it's the smoothness. there's just something about it. especially since during the night times here in cali it drops down to the 50s which is cold when the day weather is tshirt weather, it's the best shit to take a jaywalk to the same alley every night with a good view of the sky, and just warm-up on a nicely-rolled cone spliff. but i never roll em myself tho, my friends real into em, otherwise i wouldn't have tried a spliff before.

    if you want something that's actually disgusting throw some tobacco in your bong with your herb...BLEH
  18. Derp no kidding it's all preference.

  19. I can't agree more. If you skimp on the quality of tobacco, you are not going to get a good smoke. I understand the mass majority of people aren't a fan and I respect that. I am the only one of my friends that likes them so they know when I am smoking a cone, don't ask to hit it.

    Also, any tobacco people would recommend? I use Bali Shag at the moment but am open minded to try a new blend or brand.
  20. Ever since Jester stopped being made.. honestly.. there is no good rolling tobacco anymore

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