Amendment ratios for 40/40/20 soil mix same as for 1/1/1 Coots mix?

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  1. I'll be trying a modified version of the 1/1/1 Coots mix, and changing it to 40/40/20 (as online some have said they get better long term results this way, with the 20% being the compost portion, as it prevents soil compaction after a few years).

    Was just wondering if I need to adjust the soil amendment ratios for the 40/40/20 mix, versus the original 1/1/1?

    (40% pumice, 40% peat moss, 20% Bu's Blend and/or Worm Castings).

    Here's my 1/1/1 soil amendment mix:

    Base Mix (1/1/1)
    10 gallons Malibu's Bu's Blend
    10 gallons Canadian Sphagnum Peat moss
    10 gallons Pumice (or Lava Rock, or Perlite)

    4 Cups Kelp Meal - Down to Earth
    4 Cups Crab/Crustacean Meal - Down to Earth
    4 Cups Malted Barley Powder - KIS Organics
    2 Cups Gypsum
    4-6 Cups Basalt (1.42 Liters) - KIS Organics
    6-8 Cups Activated Biochar (1.9 Liters) - Buildasoil
    4 Cups Oyster Shell Flower


    Thank you for any feedback.
  2. I’ve played around with the ratios in the past and I keep the amendment loading the same. I use 1/2 cup of the dry amendments per cubic ft and 1 cup of the minerals though.
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    Done a little research on the buffering of sphagnum. Depends what kind you use but a volumetric amount that works well is 1/4 Cup per gallon of sphagnum. Most people using coots for awhile notice their ph climb....keep it on the lighter side with the minerals imo.
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  4. Thank J - looks like you're using half the amount of minerals and amendments I'm using? (I think mine is about 1 cup per cubic feet of dry amendments and 2 cups minerals).

    Is there a reason you use half the amount of amendments?
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  5. Thanks Poi, cool to hear from you again. Do you have a recipe list with ratios by any chance? Would be interesting to compare.

    JMcGD seems like he uses half the amount of amendments than in my recipe, I was thinking of doing something like that, just for costs sake as well. (Don't wanna drop money on more amendments, becomes expensive!)
  6. The bigger your soil mass, the lighter you can go on amendments.
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  7. Good to see you brah! I made this mix for outdoors but ended up using it indoors last grow, went great.
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  8. IIRC… there were two versions of the original coots mix posted at one point. One had the 1 cup of dry amendments and one had 1/2 cup. I was planning on running huge beds with nearly 500 gallons of soil at the time and the 1/2 cup was recommended. I’ve stuck with it ever since.
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  9. Thanks guys! Well noted

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