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  1. Does anyone know roughky what i need to add to my soil after one cycle? i usually veg for 2 months than flower out for 10 to 12 weeks. the plants are usually in 20gallon or 30 gallon pots. Im always unsure what to add if anything to the soil to prep it for the next run. i use molass and kelp juice periodically when water plants as well.

    added a pic of veg room and flower area. i added a couple more to the flower room last night to fill it out.. 20200825_161417.jpg 20200825_161255.jpg thanks all
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  2. All you need to do is topdress with some compost that is of good quality between runs and make sure to re use your trimmed fan leaves as a mulch layer.
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  3. Thanks! what would a good compost top dressing consist of? i dont have an active compost pile currently. i like the ide of using the leave as multch and will do that..usually after i harvest a plant i save uo the pots then dump them all out on a tarp to remix. i could add the compost then as well?
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  4. Yea man! you could definitely add those leaves to the compost.

    A good compost topdressing consists of some quality worm casting or composted animal manure, mix in a little neem cake, and some oyster shell flour.

    There are many different variations contingent on your conditions and what your soil may require but what I listed is a good starting point for sure.
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  5. Hey nice setup! Here's a very high quality compost/soil(agnesdawgz/coots mix) thats very rich and highly amended, i'm running organic no till and if i wasn't focused on starting my worm bin right now i'd buy and top dress with this stuff. Top 3 ingredients by weight are 2 types of good compost and a high quality worm casting as well as countless additives like kelp, neem, rock dusts, etc.

    BuildASoil Potting Soil Version 3.0
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