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  1. I was listening to a group called Plastik Joy on a car ride home at 4am today, and I decided I really like that kind of stuff.

    This is their site, they have a myspace too: plastik joy

    Anyway, I want to get more into the genre of stuff similar to that, what are some good names I should look up?
  2. Listen to where this all started from. Pick up Brian Eno's Ambient 1: Music for Airports. You will never be the same again.
  3. Eno is the ambient god.

    Boards of Canada put out great stuff as well.

    Explosions in the Sky = ambient, but rocking.
  4. Haha man I forgot about Eno. I actually have his entire discography.

    I was looking more for suggestions from more modern sounding, electronica "bloop" sounding kinda stuff, if you know what I mean.

    Before I had to turn the car off, the radio announcer said the next few songs were by some dude with the last name Roach, I had to leave though.
  5. Get the album This Binary Universe by BT.

    [ame=]YouTube - BT - This Binary Universe - 03 - The Internal Locus[/ame]

    In response to your last post, the guy's name is Steve Roach. I recommend his album "Dreamtime Return".
  6. Heliocentrics - Out There

  7. [ame=]YouTube - Amber Asylum - Silence of the setting sun[/ame]
  8. Aphex Twin (Selected Ambient Works 85-92), Boards of Canada (everything), Autechre (Incunabula, Amber, Tri Repetae++)

    Here's a newer electronic piece I've been working on. Five Nineteen
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    Aphex Twin is the shit. Check out Ulrich Schnauss, Steve Roach, and Robert Rich as well. Steve Roach and Robert Rich will put your ass out cold. Roach originally designed his shit under psychological experiments for sleep. He'd have like sleep parties and he'd just play shit and study what people would pass the fuck out to.
  10. future sound of london- lifeforms

    also you might like the flashbulb
  11. Amon Tobin, Proem, B. Fieischmann, Funki Porcini, Mt. Station, and I totally agree on boards of canada.
  12. Ambiance is defiantly a genre I love coming back to after listening to so many different other genres in the past

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