Ambient Music- Bill Laswell

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  1. Does anyone out there dig Bill Laswell and any of the stuff he has done?? Man, his shit is trippin'. He blends ambient digital music with world musical sounds and traditional ethnic insturments. is a great place to check him out.:smoke:. His music is always calm and grooving. Great with a buzz.
  2. Check out his album Psychonavigation....shit is so far into space. Also, check out the album Invisible Design...the stuff the man can do with a bass is just increible.
  3. Yeah man, doe you have Sacred System Vol 1 or 2?
  4. I just replaced my CD of The Third Power, one of my favorites from the Material stuff, and found out that many of the recordings of theirs are out of print now. I had to pay 28.00 american plus shipping to a collecter, more than twice the original price, but I love that album!

    Jazzonia is cool too, very mellow. The man works with the best in the biz, what can you say? His discography is outrageous! I've not heard Psychonavigation, but I'll check that out. He has so many recordings, its hard to know what to pick!
  5. The Orb
    Mark Ferana (more down tempo than ambient)
    Boards of Canada
    BT's This Binary Universe is also ambient.
    Buddha Bar puts out ambient stuff too, but if you like down tempo, check out Om Records.
  6. What is the difference between "down tempo" and "ambient". Is it the just presence of a beat or groove?
  7. I have a home studio program with loops and clips of Bill Laswell samples. Some good material a truly original sound.

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