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  1. I love ambient man! Trippy psybient with all those bleeps, the twisted baseline taking you through the land of a thousand collors and so on

    I really like the whole chill music, lounge, ya know, Cafe del Mar kinda stuff, entheogenic, bluetech, carbon based lifeforms

    E-music is just perfect, i really love trance too, south african and nordic mainly... soo good

    And all sorts of good old music like jazz, rock (no one does like jimi does!), hip hop, reggae, ragga, dub, all sorts of harmonic expressive sound!

    so I'd like to get to know all of you who share this taste to exchange some ideas and som music

    soulseek nick name: 'Tome'
  2. Thievery Corporation, all of their albums including DJ Kicks.
    also check out Chicane and The Cinematic Orchestra.
  3. Brian Eno's "Ambient 1: Music for Airports", Boards of Canada's "Music has the Right to Children", and Aphex Twins' "Selected Ambient works 85-92" are my favorite ambient albums.
  4. Bonobo, The Cinematic Orchestra, The Orb and Cujo are some of my favorites. Also Plastikman has some awesome ambient to relax to.

    OMFG! Someone else who listen's to Aphex Twin? I love Aphex Twin and have just about everything that he has realeased either digitally or through analogue means.

  5. That's awesome, man. I have a decent sized collection of his stuff, but nothing special. I've been listening to Chosen Lords and his Polygon Window stuff a lot lately.

    Also, check out "Autoditaker" by Mouse on Mars.
  6. I've been listening to his Analord series. It was made with all analogue equipment. Very worthwhile experience.
  7. How could I forget Boards of Canada?..also check out William Orbit and Massive Attack.
  8. Also, check out Tricky and Potishead for your trip-hop fix.
  9. Nothings better than smoking a nice milky bong and laying on the floor with the headphones on listening to Dronezone (an ambiant/chill station) on shoutcast radio.
  10. Or Glam by MoM.

    Litamin is just so....
  11. Ambient? Not a problem:

    SomaFM (Google it) > 'Groove Salad', the 128k WMP (better feed and interface), sit back... melt :smoke:

    You might need to install a plug-in for Windows Media Player but believe me,!

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