Ambien... wow

Discussion in 'General' started by UglyInfidel, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. I found same ambien at my house and i've done it many times before, but i've never experienced anything like this! I woke up in the morning and decided to take 3 10mg ambiens ( on an empty stomach ) and i was thinking to myself, "this won't be too intense, i mean i've taken 7 before". I just wanted to get a little buzz going... i was in for something totally different! so it was about a half hour after taking them and i started feel good, just like i always feel when i take ambien... abnout 15 minutes later i started seeing double and triple of everything.. i could barely walk... and i was trippin like crazy. After i came down.. all my friends told me that i was saying crazy things that make no sense, they said like i was do all these weird things.. and like it was just all messed up. i do not remember any of this. everytime i do ambien i never remember it because ambien causes amnesia. Oh yeah by the way when i took 7 the one time it was pretty much the same thing except not as intense... i don't know if that makes any sense but it's true haha. I think taking pills on an empty stomach makes a BIG difference. Well anyways, overall i had a great time and i love ambien. The bad thing about it is that you grow a tolerance real fast so you can't do them everyday... but it's a cool drug to do occasionally... i recomend ambien if you want to try something new... just don't take too much your first time!
  2. anyone know if ambien works better if you snort it? never tried it, but i heard it burns like fuck haha

  3. yes indeedy it do..

    and no, you can't snort it
  4. i heard u can snort it but i wouldnt trust the source i got it from, jus eat em n not waste anythin.
  5. ive snorted them before it was only a 5mg though it burnt slightly but not unbareable it twas fun
  6. geez, people will abuse just about anything they can get their hands on nowadays.

    stick wit treez man, all natural. Don't be fooled by the white devil who garnishes evil

    with a press.

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