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Ambien trip tonight

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by GoldenDelicious, Nov 17, 2009.

  1. so i got some ambien from some boy at work.. i got 4 10s.. plain on doin 2 so thats 20mg...

    How do you stay up so you can tripp.. herd its hard?

    How long till you start trippin..

    n what to do when i start trippn?
  2. all i have to say is dont lick your own shit like that other guy did
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  3. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
  4. so its been an hour since i popped em.. NOTHIN.. im not ever that much tired..
  5. I've heard you most likely won't even remember your trip :/ Let me know how it goes i suppose
  6. but not shit has happend.. its been like 1 hour an 20 mins.. n nothin at all.. n i took 20 mg.. thats allot for your first tripp kinda.. well i hope it kicks in sooner

    SShould i snort half of another 10.. so snort 5mg
  7. Some people say it hits them in like 15 mins, for me it was an extremely slow, unnoticeable come-up. By the time I noticed they were working I was way far gone. Usually took just a bit over an hour. As far as staying awake-don't get too comfortable, otherwise I'd zonk out everytime.

    I really wish I had a script for those things. I'd be willing to buy some if I knew somebody that was selling. Ambien was great IMO. I'd love to take them with some oxycodone.
  8. its been over an hour n nothin.. not even seein nothin.. suckss!

    nor am i tired.. i thinki could rest my eyeys for like 10 mins n still be up..
  9. Could be extended release,
    or you got jipped.
  10. Sure they are legit?

    Also, I've never seen anything on any of my trips, which have been 3 trips on 20mg each time. But I definately have tripped. The weirdest part about this drug is that you don't even notice your on it when you're on it. You just wake up in the morning thinking 'wow I was messed up last night'.
  11. when ive done it i think it was at 20mgs first time, then 30 to 40mgs for the others. not sure on that though. id always have to wait about 1 and half to hours for much of an effect. your not really gonna trip, there really isnt much of a trip with ambien. its just an odd feeling, feel unbalanced and loopy. things can be pretty funny, or just weird. i saw some really dark colored sorta shadows/clouds flowing around when i stood in the dark but that was it. im over ambien though, its really not that fun
  12. dont lick your own shit

    and dont fall asleep and "sleep drive" your car into the white house like that other guy
  13. Could have gotten jipped, but its not extended release. Those are 12.5mg.

    I definitely notice it. Im not sure how you wouldnt notice it until you werent noticing it...
    Who drove into the White House? We prolly would have heard about that on the news... But yeah, be careful about this stuff, especially dont EVER drink with it or you're in for a whole new world of crazy.

    I have extensive experience with this stuff. Snorting makes it his *slightly* harder. And it lasts MUCH shorter. I dont find a noticeable difference in redosing on this stuff. Find your dose, and take it. Redosing is only a sideeffect of the increased impulsivity this stuff causes. Refrain at all costs.

  14. search for it in this subforum. or washington post website. it really happened. it was on the news lol
  15. cant find anything on google...
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    Expecting a "trip" from ambien is kind of a misnomer. That being said I have been higher than a motherfucker on ambien. Even off of 10mg I can tell that I am acting kind of strange after 20 minutes. It is sort of an "acquired feeling" if you will, I have gone nuts on that shit multiple times. I mean batshit crazy, it _will_ make you as crazy on benzos on high doses. You just don't know what to expect or were expecting a lsd trip or something which of course this is nothing like.
    btw I'm not endorsing any of this because i'm not lieing when i mean i've gone fucking crazy on sleeping pills.
  17. Dude, i remember that happening. And it wasnt the capital building it was a barrier on the road on the way to DC. I lived outside DC when that happened.

    And TBH, he wasnt on ambien, that whole thing reeked of coverup of a DUI... I mean, c'mon, he was a Kennedy lol
  18. and btw, this is a good point. Its not a trip, its just a fucked up weird feeling from a hypnotic drug with occasional hallucinations. Its not a trip... But i guess people have different definitions

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