Ambien Makes You Sleepy and Forgetful.

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  1. 7:35 PM Took Ambien CR 12.5mg
    7:45 PM No effects yet.
    8:00 PM Still nothing. Wondering if I should take other.
    8:05 PM Took Ambien 10mg
    8:20 PM Feeling a little drowsy, kinda tired.
    8:40 PM Still tired, longing to want to lie down.
    9:42 PM exhausted. Trying not to knockk ogdsdcvvbggtfrrrrrrrf
    6:40 AM Just woke up. Trying to think why my last log is messed up.

    Don't remember how I got to my bed, wish I hadn't, I needed to stay up longer.
    These did there job. Wasn't as weird as last time when I lost control to walk straight,
    I sent a text to my friend that time saying "I feel like the most uncontrollable wobly person".
    I didn't remember my texts from that night at all. Truthfully, I find it hard to remember anything from that night.
    This time I remember my texts for the most part. Although almost all of them I was nodding off. Eyes felt heavy, very hard to keep them open. Tempted all night after to lie down.
    Woke up feeling drained.
  2. so ambien, a sleeping pill, makes you fall asleep? huh, thats something i would have never expected from a sleeping aid.
  3. lol yeah.. what did you really expect from a sleeping pill? to stay awake all night? lol
  4. Actually, yes. Hallucinations start to occur after you take Ambien and stay awake. REM sleep starts to begin while you're awake.

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