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  1. how many of you blades fuck with this stuff? I acquired forty ten mg ones and Ive been blowing through em. The other day I was picking up a zip and I had taken 80mg beforehand and my buddy had two heads and six eyes. I love this stuff.:hello::hello::hello:
  2. aint that sleep medicine.. if you take alot like 80mg.. wont you just pass out and not tripp>,. and your sayin you will halucinate with ambien
  3. It is, but I does make you trip, and not like shrooms trip. Its like a datura trip is discribed
  4. word .. so its a deleriant.. like dramamine
  5. fuck that shit man. 80 migs? fuck that man. i blew 10 migs a few times and everything just went crazy as fuh.

    couldn't imagine even bothering with 8x that much.

    you get comfortable at ALL and BOOSH you're gone
  6. Ive taken 25mg and when i woke up i had wrote get high on my door.

    the other time i took 50mg and nothing happened i was just tired. shoulda railed it i guess.
  7. Seriously 80 fucking mgs.

    After 10mg I was ripping my sheets off my bed looking for the person hiding underneath, while talking to my bottle of water
  8. haha... seriously.. thats crazzy.. haha
  9. on ambien i ran across a frozen lake and then talked to the water people crying under it, then the ice started moving and i wandered close to the edge, luckily one of my friends pulled me back, its good shit imo
  10. I've never "tripped" of ambien.. I guess I should up my dose!
    Then again, I've only done 10mg at a time.
    How long do you guys stay up before you start tripping?
  11. I tripped hard as fuck off 10mgs

    You have to stay up...I'd say like 30min-1hr. First its like you feel real drunk and balance is off, just stay up through that.

    Then (at least I) get like delusional and I saw shit warp really bad, like my bed might as well have been play-dough, it was waving really bad. I also got really delirious I was playing video games on the computer at the time and was having trouble typing or even knowing wtf was going on. I also blacked out on it which wasn't fun cuz I ended up like half way across my house and was confused as to why or how I got there.

    Then I decided to just go to sleep which was pretty damn hard because there was a lot of talking going on, not really but in my head it seemed like there was a restaurant full of people talking
  12. yall kids just need to remember that one of the side effets of ambien is like....blackin out/fallin asleep and sleep walkin out to your car and just like drivin

    drivin...on ambien...then you like wake up all groggy and you're wrapped around a school bus full of kids n shit.

    man it happens. seirously look it up.
  13. i blacked out a few times and couldnt remember shit, supposedly i ran down the street and slid in the snow, i did more than 10mg that time though and went to sleep very early
  14. someone once said it resembles ketamine in a way, i snorted two once a loong time ago and i was spacy and colors were very vibrant then i smoked a bowl and pretty much passed out standing up

    not very fun imo.
  15. Yeah...I used to have a legit script for ambien after being hospitalized for insomnia and the shit would make me get outta bed, still asleep, eat the most fucked up shit, and put on random clothing from the closet...sometimes it'd be my wife's clothing.

    Fuck ambien
  16. fucked with this one time, and was with a friend who thought it would be good to drive, i had no judgement and got in the car with dude, we almost crashed.( i wasnt driving) never touched that shit again.
  17. Ambien is the best! Ambien CR does not work for me though...I need just regular Ambien.

    One time I was crawling in my closet trying to find the entrance to wonderland; I was following the white rabbit, the one thats late, and he ran into my closet and I couldn't find him. I was crawling through cloths looking for the door! It was crazy.

    Another time I had a full conversation with my dinner room table and chairs. They are cool buddies of mine.
  18. HaHa man thats tight as fuck

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