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ambien and some weed?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by smokesalot88, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. seems to work good, one bowl and one pill, hour later i cant describe how i feel, amazing!!!
  2. Isn't ambien a sleeping pill? Does the combination just make you super tired or what?
  3. if you take it one at night you'll go to sleep but when ingested during hours where one is usually awake and has things to do if fucks you up.
    I hear it described as having a strong body high.
  4. I agree on strong body high, yes they fuck you up, but you may not remember much..........

    At all lol
  5. wow im so faded i was reading this whole thread not realizing who the OP was (me) :)
  6. LOL. You crackin me up..
  7. their effects are similar to benzos and have fun lol you wont remember 95% of what you did in the morning
  8. and that makes it bad? i dont think sooo. oh and BTW people an ambien some voldka and a bowl or two, thats what im riding on right now, very cool and mellow but not, at the same time, ya digg? sorry if that makes no sense, it doesnt too me. HA j/k guys
  9. haha, priceless
  10. wow im HIGH i got proof too cuzz be4 i smoked i drank a bit so i was a bit drunk and now im so high i cant even tell im drunk. and i was drunk, sorry for rambling on.
  11. eat like 30 mg of ambien. youll feel gone.
  12. I want to try that shit
  13. Man I did ambien a few times like 2 years ago. That shit was VERY nice.

    Ok, you take like 30mgs or so at night time, but DON'T go to sleep after, stay up.

    In 10 minutes you will be fucked up. Just lay on your bed with the lights off and you will start seeing shit. Then smoke some weed and your vision will be even stranger. You get a good body high from it too. But it's like during your trip you wanna be soo comfortable that you start moving around different things in your room, that you think will make you more comfortable! Fucked up lol

    One time I was in the dark, on my bed high and stoned off the shit and then I went and looked at my window blinds (you know how some window blinds let out a little bit of light in between each row)

    I was starring at that window blind and shapes just started appearing like geometric shapes like tetris or legos or something. Right on the window blinds. I think it also makes me think there are other people in the room for a little bit, but it's quite fun. I think I had a small convo with like my pillow or my dresser, I can't remember. Same thing happened to me with salvia, but salvia is way different, and ambien is a very pleasant, mellow, chill out trip.

    I think everyone should try it at least once the way I did it. It's a lot of fun and there aren't really any bad side affects or hangovers. You feel tired as hell after you trip so yeah
  14. so how bout some alcohol (sp?) and an ambien. ive been warned against it to some extent but i plan on taking one anyway but how much should/could i drink. i mean as long as i aint gonna end up in the ER im pretty much down w/ anything.
    well aparently my earlyier post confirmed(sp?) that alcohol(sp?) and ambien is OK but still... since i plan on drinking more, alot more, how much is safe? like i said as long as i dont end up in the ER. and since theres no way im going there ANY TIME tonight ill prolly die first. so... how much can i consume before i put my self in danger?
    damn, i really cant fall alseep but its to late to take an ambien to fall sleep cuzz i have to get up at 10 and its 3:15 on the dot right now. so will i "trip" as my freind describes it or will i just want to go to sleep really bad, or a combo of both?
  15. is ambien prescription only? if so i guess i wont be gettin my hands on any -.-
  16. yes man, yes it is.
  17. This stuff is bomb. It seems like (from what i can remember) that random objects have personality, and hover around me while im at the computer.Yeah, exactly, when i remembered that that happened the night before i STILL cant quite grasp what im thinking. But thats the only way to describe the feeling..weeeeeeird. Every drug connoseiur (sp?) should try this shit. I was only offa 10 mg.
  18. please dont mix ambien with any other downers (alcohol, benzos, opiates, barbs, etc). this is a good way to never wake up. but if you do, keep the doses low (you can always work your way up).
  19. mmm I want to try some ambien...
  20. This now comes in generic and is now more affordable since the brand name was VERY expensive.

    Yes,only by prescription in 5mg or 10 mg. tabs.

    Everyone reacts differently to this as some are VERY sensitive and some are not,so please titrate your doses,in higher doses it acts much like an amnesiac and you can sleep walk or drive if you take too much.

    If you must mix substances other than weed PLEASE start with 5MG and after 8 hrs add if necessary.;)

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