ambien and red bull??

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Havok, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. hey guys i was wondering that uf i should drink some red bull and ive taken the ambien about 15-20 minutes ago. will this help me with getting the visual hallutionations from the ambien?
  2. what drug in ambien makes you hallucinate
  3. idk. get the red bull with cocaine in it though.
  4. Good idea.

    The red bull will help you stay awake long enough to experience hallucinations.
  5. yes iver heard if you fight the sleep of a ambien it can cuase types of hallutinations sp?
    so i figure ive got it in me i want to drink some read bowl so that will help fight the sleep.
  6. i think red bull is gonna fuck up you trying to see hallucinations. It's going to keep your brain awake while it's going to sleep, so your not gonna see hallucinations. You're just gonna have to tough it out and try to stay awake. I might be wrong though.
  7. I've only hallucinated with combinations of ambien and weed with a bong hit like... 25 minutes after popping it? once you start to notice shit getting weirder, hit that bong/blunt/joint and prepared to be mindfucked UNTIL you fall asleep 10 minutes later :)
  8. sounds like fun, my friend gave me 20mg of ambien, and im still debating whether or not to take it
  9. This is completely bull shit, that whole statement is wrong. A red bull wont stop your hallucinations, that is preposterous.
  10. haha chill the fuck out. I said that I might be wrong. It was just an opinion. I was thinking that Red Bull might keep your brain more alert, so it'll harder for you to get those hallucinations. I've been trying to see what makes people hallucinate on Ambien, but I haven't found anything solid on it yet (only opinions).]

    ps. do you have any sites that provide information about it? because I don't know how you can say it's bullshit and not tell us how you know that it won't fuck it up...
  11. guys i took the ambien, im not sure how long ago but i picked up 2 NOS 16fl oz. i lready downed one. but im not sure if i feel anything special yet, besides the alertness from the NOS. so ill give it some time for the ambien to kick in. umm i should hav mentioned im a pretty big guy should i hve taken more ambein that 1 ambein 10?
  12. if you wanna have an experience with ambien you should def smoke a lot of weed with it. the effects really seem to synergize.
  13. You don't need energy drinks to stay up, it doesn't really make you tired, just makes you feel drunk
  14. well i just walked home about 2-3 miles and i deffinitly felt different than usual, but i think what went wrong is since im a big guy i should maby have taken more ambien? what do you guys think?

    like i started noticing when ever i talked to my friend loud my body would tingle.. and everything was like distorted but unfortunetly nothing special..

    so next time ill probly take a bigger dose of ambien and lose the energy drinks and just smoke a little bit more bud then i did tonight/today, w/e.

    but even though i took the ambien the 3 NOS's and my insomnia wont let me sleep for awhile, so i geuss ill just roll a nice blunt and relax, maby play some call of duty. :smoke:
  15. First of all no don't take the red bull it won't do shit for you just tuff it out and focus don't go to sleep stand up if you have to. If you've never done it before don't get your hopes up for a crazy trip, it's not like shrooms or anything. It just kinda makes you zone out into daydreams for awhile and other than that you feel kinda crazy and foggy like robo or something. It's not that fun with colors and patterns or any thing.:smoking:

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