amber trichs at 7 weeks?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mike1234, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. Well I stopped at radio shack yesterday and got one of the pocket microscopes to check and see how my plant is doing. So I checked them and I saw a few amber trichs scattered about. Is this normal? I did do a flush yesterday just in case I have to chop sonner than I was planning. The plant is an unknown bagseed that looks like its very indica dom.
  2. Certainly could be normal, 7 weeks for an indica-dominant is a bit shorter than average but not out of the question.

    What color are the other trichs -- clear or cloudy? You need an overall assessment of the trichs, not just spotting a few random amber ones.
  3. There was a mix of cloudy and clear. I would say more clear than cloudy. I will check again when I get home.Also I clipped a small piece twords the top of the bud to check is this normal practice for checking?
  4. I usually take a tiny sample from 2-3 places off each plant because the buds won't necessarily mature all at the same time.

    You probably could harvest now, if you like more of a head high, though most would wait just a bit longer. G'luck.
  5. Thanks Toasty!Ill prob wait a few more days. I would like to get one more mollasses feeding in before I chop. Or would I be better off to just use plain water now until I chop?

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