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Amber is the color.....

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by TheDubChronicle, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. This plant grew out of a seed we found in a mids pickup. It had crazy stripes and didn't break under the trusty finger squeeze. We planted it in a checkers cup cut in half and filled it with regular potting soil. We put her in our sun room (kind of like a closed off porch), and everyday she gets a solid 5-6 hours of direct sunlight. All we do is water her when she's getting the good morning sunlight with a squirt bottle. We also have speakers all around the room so she can chill out and jam with us :hippie:.

    Were not really sure what the strain is but if have any ideas share the love. :wave:

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  2. Sweet!! I like that part about it jammin with you guys!! it does look like a healthy little plant! NIce!
  3. Sounds cool.
    I dont wanna rain on your parade, BUT...
    It needs more than 5-6 hrs of light, more
    like 12+.
    Without it, it will just be a skinny, sad looking
    stick, that knows how to dance.
  4. let me rephrase, its get sunlight from sunrise to sunset, since we are on the third floor in our apartment building we dont have anything shading the windows , she gets 5-6 hours of dead on light, because of were she sits in the room.
  5. Hi.
    If you really want the plant to bulk up,
    and ultimately produce more bud,
    why dont you augment the light with a couple
    of compact fluorescent bulbs? They are cheap,
    produce the right light spectrum (6500k),
    and will take that skinny stick and make it into a bush.
    No shit. Go for it.
    My plants like old Scorpions and Lynyrd Skynyrd.
    Ask me for info anytime.
  6. Im real intrigued man, looks sweet for just setting it in the window. It does need more light to make it bushier. Just out of curiosity how old is the plant?
  7. it was planted as a seed on Jan 29th, its been a week since the pics and its gotten bushier since. Here she is now.

    Btw- any guess on how long it will be till she buds?

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