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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Omicidio, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. Well I have no time to use the computer muchless post much anymore with my new job. However I had to share this awesome moment I had tonight and knew no otherplace to put it, enjoy. I decided since I got off early (midnight) that I would enjoy a quiet night outside with my gf. There were so many stars they filled the sky, and it was a very clear and nice cool night. We began smoking the first blunt and we noticed this really big bright star, we did said the dumb "Starlight Starbright" thing and made a wish. We smoked 2 more blunts enjoyinh the sky and erm eachother... Anyways i'm getting off the point, we saw the same bright star again, and we noticed that it had moved. Only we had moved and not it, and I was blazed enough I think we both were and I swear I could see it slowly moving. I don't think that i've ever paid that much attention before, anyways i'm going sleep work in the morning.
  2. it was a star, and yes I thought I watched it move. Only it wasn't earth was moving, I was really high and know that I couldn't have. BUT I did :p
  3. It was definetly a star

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