Amazing Things To Eat/do While High

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    Alright, I decided to finally make an account here so I can share my ideas for stuff while being high.Top things on my list:The ball of fruity goodnessBuy some yummy fruit roll ups, NOT fruit by the footBuy some fruit gushersUnpack as many as you want, the more the biggerLay the fruit roll ups flat outPack them with fruit gushersRoll it up like a ball, or roll it like a JAnd enjoy the mouth watering goodness -The cookie cupGet yourself your favorite chocolate cookie dough madeGrab a muffin panFlip that thang upside downPut some delicious butter on the outside of the muffin holderput the cookie dough on the outside of muffin holdercook until it is hard and done enough to your liking, I cook mine at 375 F-Pop tart SammichGet your favorite flavor pop tartsGet your favorite flavor ice creamPut on pop tart frosting side downPut 1-2 scoops of ice cream on itSpread it evenlyPut another pop tart frosting side upEatProfit?-The famous amazing things to eatSupreme PizzaCookie dough ice cream Orange juiceToasted PastriesToasted BagelsDanishesDonuts-Favorite things to doWatch Pineapple ExpressPlay GTA IVNeverwinterBF3SkyrimWatch FuturamaListen to Mozart, etcAnd Electric Ave.I will be adding more and more ideas for high later, gotta go toke and do stuff right now.Also add your own ideas, I'll put them in the OP so anybody who clicks it can just look and do it
  2. If nobody else is going to contribute to this thread I'm going to leave it alone...

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  3. i like watching old WW2 and like war shit on the military channel.
    i smoked like 3 fat bowels of some dank middies threw my 1 foot tall ice bong...used crushed ice... and then decided to scrape the res. 
    then i had this ball of res, and I LIKE THE REZ HIGH. threw a good ice bong its not that bad, and idk... i had a ball of fucking rez.
    anyway.... i REALLY got into these like.... real videos they live combat footage. i felt like it was IN THE FOOTAGE.... 
    idk, it was a fucking trip. i just got done with a week long T-break....
  4. I usually get food ready and get a movie popped and browse thru fb or grasscity
  5. Of course when i feel my high fading away i finish it off with jizzing all over my self with the complete buzzkill
  6. Haha same here man. Smoke some time wreck, green crack, and some other indica, I ate so much food my shit smelled like sewage lol.

    But I'll have to watch some war movies. I've watched full metal jacket before which was pretty good.

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  7. I grab all the pillows and blankets off my bed and go to the living room get all bundled up and watch some Arrested Development, Bob's Burgers or Metalocalypse. I usually grab three or four different kinds of drinks too.
    I'm just all about bein' comfortable, ya know?
  8. I like to make music. also listen to music. depends what I'm in the mood for. sometimes jay electronica, old jay z, currensy, whatever. I'm always down for some eminem tho
  9. I'm sorry I didnt find this thread when it was still slightly fresh.

    But here's a little something I found: Got bread? Butter? Sliced cheese?
    Flatten bread (brownie points if you use a roller) and de-crust if desired, then place cheese on top of flattened bread. Roll into like a cheese-bread joint.

    Melt and heat butter in frying pan, medium to high heat. Fry rolled up cheesebreads until browned. Serve while the cheese is still melty. If you're feeling extra horny you can use thick tomato soup as dipping sauce.
    Sure as fuck ain't healthy but it's quick to prepare in a fix.
  10. My favorite thing to do is reminisce about old things with friends or family. Yeah it sounds corny but it's so fun.
    I like to eat cheesy pizza, chicken, or subway sandwiches too! 
  11. I will try that man thanks.

    Try this though:

    Get a big loaf of bread, not regular sliced really good stuff.

    Then cut it diagonally but not to the button, cut it both ways and make it so you can rip those small piece out.

    Then sprinkle shredded cheese in it, cook it to your likings.

    It is just pure amazing.

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  12. Go on swings and close your eyes or go in a pool.
  13. cook pancakes and put your favorite cereal in it!
    i made peanutbuttercrunch pancakes
  14. 1.Get a bowl
    2.Get a flashlight
    3.Turn off lights in room
    4.Put flashlight on floor with light shining straight up
    5.Blow hits into beam of flashlight real slow and just watch the smoke

    wish i lived in humboldt county

  15. And pb and captn crunch sandwiches are killer

    wish i lived in humboldt county

  16. watching the office and eating kraft dinner 
    playing star wars battlefront
    drawing with another person (i.e. draw something, then they add on to it, then you add on to it, and so on)
    skateboarding down a bike path with tunes 

  17. Instagram, bicycle riding, writing rhymes, composing beats, driving.
  18. Try reading a book sometime. It's a lot different, I promise you this.
  19. When I'm baked I can't taste anything so what ever has a awesome texture I'll eat, perfect way to get rid of stale food.

    Things to do-go into deep thought of a million dollar idea or think about space never gets boring or technology anything I have no clue about+listening to some nice reggae

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  20. I dip my pizza in soda
    I put 2 eggs in my ramen

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