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What ruins a high more?

  1. getting scared by a passing cop

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  2. getting busted by a passing cop

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  3. having a crazy friend who cant handle it

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  4. seeing mike myers pop out from under ur bed

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  1. Well this is how it and my friend snuk out...we were waiting for some chik to give us a ride to this kegger so we could get some bud but that chik fell thru. So here we are a couple of stoners out at 2:00 in the morn with nothing to do... so we sit down in the shadows by this gas station and started blazin...HAHAAH lalalala u can imagine how high we were...cant u? Anyway i was paranoid and i was like DUDE!!! look at those lights on the wall they are getting closer i thought it was the cops and POW!!! it was the 5-0 so my friend tried to hide my piece and his sac but the cop saw and said..."son don't try and hide it" i was like OMG! we are so dead but he told us to pour out our sac and shatter my piece so we did like good stoners...:( and he looked at his watch and said it was WAY TOO late to be out and told us to go home... thats it was are lucky sons of bitches and i hate that cop! that was my best piece ever!
  2. Annoying friends are the most well uh annoying thing in the world.

    If I was a cop as long as the stoners didnt try to hide it when I knew they had it I would just let them go take the weed but let them keep their pipe.
  3. id have to say getting scared by a cop is the worst high kill, prolly cause ive never been busted. i hate walkin around when im high cause i get so god dam paranoid and say shit like "OMFG some cop is gonna come by I KNOW IT HE WILL OMFG and he is gonna bust us FOR BEING HIGH OFMG ACT COOL DONT START FREAKING OUT ON ME HOLLLLY SHIT!! HERE COMES A CAR ACT NATURAL!!!". but yea, and the cops here in wi are fags. proly cause wi has the gayest drug laws ( told me so :p).
  4. Most the time you dont have to deal with cops.... so i voted for the friends option becuase i have to deal with that shit errtime i smoke



  5. The cops aren't all bad. I don't know what part of WI you're from but at least in Milwaukee they are. The cops in the city can usually be pretty cool, cept on the south side and the west side. But as you get farther out into the suburbs and what-not they start being real assholes.
  6. The absolute worst (because I've never been busted) is smoking with someone who barely smokes (and therefore FREAKS OUT) but not having enough to get properly fucked up yourself. Blows. Nuts. Hard.
  7. Dude u shouldnt say u hate that cop, he let you off way easy, wait till you encounter a real dick head cop.

  8. i know exactly how you feel except the guy that i smoke with that does it exaggerates EVERYTHING and acts so lame :( i just try and block it out as to not ruin my high
  9. i hate it when someone asks you tells you he has some real dank shit and invites you to smoke and when you get there it turns out its crap...that sucks
  10. i used to get really scared when i would see a cop if I was high. but lately, since i've had jury duty for the past 2 freakin weeks :( I've come into the courthouse stoned off my ass for the entire second week. its fun to be ultra happy and nice to the cops. They either have no clue or they just can't do anything about it since i don't even have a lighter on me when i come in. I've been parking in the far back to make sure that the chance drug dog doesn't pass my car.

    people who freakout are the worst though. the aptly named Capt. Freakout came to my apartment one night with my roommate. my own friends and i were already smoking and my roommate threw down on a blunt so we had to include his friend. i guess the kid had never smoked before and he just started talkiing to himself ALOT after two or three passes. fully articulated conversions with emotion and several points of view. he kept on looking around real quick and getting up and down from the chair. my roommate being the normal asshole he is just kicked his friend out. while it was annoying/mildly funny, he should have at least led him back to his own apartment.
  11. WHY DID NO ONE VOTE FOR MIKE MYERS POPPING OUT UNDER YOUR BED??!q?!!?, I know if that happened to me i would be a lot more scared then being busted by a cop, being busted sucks big time too but not as bad as a killer coming from the underside of your bed
  12. fuck man that cop was pretty chill for lettin us free n shit but man it was my peice
  13. lol at mike meyers... probably people that cant handle it lo...

    but id say being scared by a cop is worst than being buste.d.. is your busted eh? hwat you gonna do..m ight as well enjoy the ride... but just getting scared.. kills all your high instantly because your afarid of what will happen.. but then nothing does happen.. and all your high is dead.... :\ no good....
  14. id have to say being busted by a cop would be the worst high killer but ill tell you if i were a cop and i busted a couple of stoners at 2 am id walk right up to em and be like pass that shit this way and i will forget this ever happened hehehe im gonna have my law degree in about 4 years maybe i should be a cop instead of a lawyer then i could go around busting stoners and just smoking for free lol j/k id rather have millions of dollars and just BUY lots of weed of course i would have to shoot myself in the head if mike myers popped up from under my bed god that guy is so fucky gay i hate that guy and he needs to die

  15. Dude if you become a cop, move to NY and be a cop near my house. We'll smoke up. :p
  16. whats crazy is that one time like 4 yrs ago, me and my friend are at a school blazing and my friend decides to b big and bad and busts a window open and im like dude.. watch us get fuckin caught... so then hes like.. lets smoke sum more then leave.. so im like aight.. then we smoke some more and i had about gram left on me.. we go to leave and BAM, what do u know.. school patrol comes up and is like stop then puts cuffs on both of us and I had the gram on me and i was like FUCK FUCK FUCK in my head so he was like.. do u guys got any drugs on ya? or any weapons.. my friend had a knife n told him.. i had lighter, and weed and told him i didnt have anything but he found lighter and said u shouldnt lie.. then he checked all my pockets and didnt find the gram.. and it was in my left pocket so then he calls police up and a officer comes and looks at the scene and gave us a lecture about i forgot what then we had to give them our info, and the skool patrol guy was like search him (me) cuz i didnt really search him good.. but the cop forgot about it (thank god) then just ended driving us to my friends parents house and boy.. he was so pissed at both of us.. fuckin yellin like hell so i was like.. can u please tell my parents that we didnt do it.. cuz we told them we didnt.. and my parents didnt do shit... thats what u call LUCK.. but ya i lost my high when the patrol came speedin up to us...and we musta smoked like 3 bowls each at that school
  17. even if u dont give a damn about getting busted u lose ur weed and u gotta act straight and that just blows ur high..

  18. very true. i have been busted. luckily i was 16 at the time and it is not on my permanent record. i also got pulled over(after i got my license back from being suspended) by the SAME COP! he musta been stupid or something. he didn't recognize me(i had pot and pipes). he let the speeding go but i got it again for having too many people in my car. fuck i hate WI laws.


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