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  1. does anybody have any amazing movie like stories that's really happened to them? doesn't have to be movie like but it can be a type of adventure or something along those lines. i only have one good one and it's kinda long so i'll post it in a little bit after i smoke.

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  2. Not too long ago, My Brother, childhood friend that i hadnt seen in years and my self decided to get on some trips. Dont think i am allowed to mention the substance on this forum. But eah, it was my first time doing this stuff so i chose to only have 1 while my brother and friend had 2 each. We were just chilling watching some trippy music videos from the band Tame Impala while we waited for it to kick in, after about 20 mins we were all tripping balls and decided we should go for a walk down the river. We were walking down this one straight street and it felt like everyone driving past was staring at us. We were walking down this street and almost at the river when we noticed it was going to start raining so we decided to take cover under some trees, i ran to them while the others where just walking to them. I sit down and i am tripping out, the grass was like water and had waves and grass waves crashing onto the ground and scattering all over the road next to the feild we were on when suddenly i hear my bro screaming "CALL A FUCKING MEDIC" my friend was on the ground shaking, grunting and foaming out the mouth. My brother who was tripping on the same amount as the guy who overdoses and he is performing first aid on him. He believed he was in Vietnam performing first aid on his fallen comrade. Then all of a sudden he stops moving and breathing, he was blue/green in colour and had veins bulging out of his neck. We were freaking out and so scared we lost our friend to our stupidity. Then all of a sudden he just coughs up a load of spit and springs back to life. We were so fucking relieved. About 2 minutes later the ambulance shows up and we all go to the hospital. Our friend was freaking out so hard in te ambulance and was thinking that the paramedics were trying to kill him, but me and my brother just calmed him down while the paramedics just sit back and got us to calm him down because he didnt trust the paramedics at all. Fast foward four hours me and my brother are let out of the hospital because our heart rates were back to normal our friend apparently had an allergic reaction to the drug and he was let out that night. Fast forward to next day we picked him up from his house and went and scored a gram and got medicated haha. It was the most spiritual experience i had ever had in my life. Moral of the story, know what you're taking and know your limits.

    Tl;dr friend overdosed on trips, died, ad came back to life, then next day we were back to doing our usual routine. (Driving around scoring weed and smoking.)

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