Amazing Stealth Shipping from The Attitude

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Knoxer, Mar 20, 2014.

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    I just got my fifth overall package from The Attitude today which included the the anniversary special + a few other promo seeds with a T-Shirt and candy for stealth
     I can honestly say that these are the kind of things that make me a for life customer. I'd figure I'd post this if anyone has any doubts about their stealth shipping options.

  2. Thats sweet. Pun intended..
    In my state its legal and if you have your card you can order any, bud, hash,oil,edible online and have it next day delivered in discrete packaging.
    I'm still Leary of seeds coming strait to my house. I have them sent to a friends.
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    Considering they seem to be going to quite a bit of trouble to change shipping methods it isnt too smart to be posting exact details.
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    Well then this must be one of the new methods because this is something new within the last 2 months, and I've been a customer for about 2 and a half years now. I constantly see people asking how safe their stealth shipping is, and it never hurts to share my positive experience with others.
  5. Thats when you say something like "ingenious!!" "so well hidden it took me 10 minutes of searching to find" "what an incredible idea they used for stealth shipping" or along those lines. 2 months of brainstorming new stealth shipping methods down the drain. Back to the drawing board.....
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  6. They would find out about it much sooner in the customs building than a post on a forum I'd believe. It's a great idea, but anyone who isn't asleep while a package gets an xray will notice something odd inside the chocolates and flag it for an search. I also believe people have a right to know these things. Sorry if I sound harsh, but I don't see this post, or any on this subject for that matter, a deterrent for this shipping method.  
  7. If I could thumbs down your post I would.

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    For being honest and logical? I can 100% guarantee that customs knows of this by now and a forum post on it isn't going to matter.  It's very silly and somewhat paranoid to believe that my posting of my shipment is going to result in someone else not getting theirs. Also, What you just posted is why rating systems online are flawed from the start.
    I am glad you actually did take the time to actually say you disliked my post, that actually takes a bit of effort and determination than just clicking a button.
    Again, I apologize for being harsh, but it is really rather silly to be getting worked up over this.
  9. The only way customs find out is if a dog keys on the package or a group of people start talking about how their stealth package was set up and where/what was in it.

    Use your head man. You're better than this.

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    I'm sorry, but no. Dogs are not the only line of defense at customs, that is just silly thinking friend, very silly. Thousands of packages a day are flagged for random searches, packages are xrayed, ripped apart, and then poorly sealed back up and have a sticker slapped on them that it was looked into. I do so love the Irony of that last sentence in your post.
  11. I'm not trying to make you upset. You seem like an ok guy. I suppose we will just agree to disagree.

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  12. Posts edited to remove shipping details.  No one knows for sure how they detect/intercept packages, but why make it easy for them.  The US government spends billions of our tax dollars on drug enforcement, make them earn every penny.
    Congrats on the order, glad they are mixing it up a bit.
  13. Received my B-day shipment from the Tude thru Chicago. All gear intact. Same shipping method as all of my orders. Attitude is 2 for 5 with me. Glad I got the b - day promo! Seems to me and I could be wrong but haven't Attitudes prices increased 15% or so over the past year?
  14. Posts edited to remove shipping details? True, prolly not the best idea but seems like a bit much for Mods to censor such. Just my 02 cents.
  15. Mine is being delivered today.  Will be the fourth order in four years.  Nver had a problem before.  Hope I get beans and no green tape.
    Editing without informing would be a bit much.  
    Others might say detailed posting of how a seed delivery is sent is a bit much.  Especially after a company adjusts their methods to help ensure all who want seeds may get them.
    Why do people think the govt collecting information from what's posted online is so far fetched?  It's the sad truth.

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