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  1. well, today i found the mother of all smoke spots called the lookout. you drive like a mile up this winding dirt road that goes up a hill, and then all of a sudden the trees part and it opens up to an amazing view (you can even see a little bit of acadia national park in the background). i cant really do it any justice with words, so heres a few pics:

    heres my car just chillin there

    the bud

    all the essentials

    now, here is the view...



    its the perfect smoke spot, and nobody even lives on the road, its just property that hasn't be built on yet...i also wanna check out what is in that building sometime...

    what about you guys? what are some of your favorite place to toke up?
  2. Man you're lucky! Maine is the shit! I saw your pics of the view and i thought "wow, that looks like maine" (sicne my grandparnets live in Rockport. Then i saw your location...where about it maine do you live?

    My old favorite smoke spot was my backyard...had a whole mountain (no joke) behind my old house in virginia. I would just take a little walk and toke up. NOw i live in this damned suburb...there are a few areas that are chill to drive to and toke but i gotta be super careful.
  3. nice, i live in this small town right outside of ellsworth called surry, basically its near bar harbor, thats the one place everybody knows...almost right on the coast. i love it here, but i definately used to take the beauty of it for granted. i dont think i could ever really like city life after being out in the wilderness my whole life...

    that must of been cool having a mountain, we have a lot of woods at my house, but it doesnt really go anywhere just into more woods and more woods, but its always cool to take a little walk and toke

    ps my grandmother lives in rockland, pretty close to rockport
    if you're ever coming to the area, i'd gladly toke another gcer up...
  4. thats a very cool smoking spot. :smoking:

    since there is some dry vegetation around there be sure not to start a fire lol, last thing we need is stoners being known as pyromaniacs or arsonits lmao.

    btw, im lovin that stash jar...not too big, not too small...perfect for traveling :bongin:
  5. Sick, i had a spot kinda like that, except we were on a concrete pad over top of the river, it was beautiful in the winter, the snow on the trees and the water flowing nice and fast..

    Loving the stash container..
  6. I have my own apartment that i smoke in now. But when i used to live with my rents' all my buddies and i would smoke in the "cheeba shed" it was this small shed that had like 5 chairs in it a table in the middle and a radio. The chillest spot:D
  7. thast is the perfect spot...for weed and probably acid too
  8. Definitely man....i love going mackeral fishing and eating lobster:hello:
  9. fuck dude, that's intense. it must be real chill smoking there.
  10. happywallyskin, whats the little camp in the last pic?

    I also live in Maine, I live about and hour north of Bangor. A little town called Medway.
  11. Every place is a beautiful place to blaze. The whole world is.
  12. Holy shit, i went to vacation last year in Maine in Ellsworth. Small world. Man I thought it was the most boring place in the world no offence lol. Me and my friend brought up a dank 4th so it made it a bit better. We went to the wendys and dennys mulitple times.
  13. +rep sick spot im likin it
  14. haha yeppp i went too....i honestly dont think i culd hav survived the week ther without weed... Maine= borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiingggggggggggggggggg sorry man lol
  15. one word.

  16. yeah thats pretty sick man. i lived in maine for the summer and there are tons of really sweet smoking spots all over the place.
  17. +rep for finding a nice place out in nature to smoke. There is nothing like smoking some weed with something beautiful to look at.
  18. thats pretty chill, i go to this beach down by the lake i live near sometimes and sit on a dock. thats pretty good.

    ps. i like that little glass holder thing for ur bud.
  19. DAMN go in that fuckin house man!!!!
  20. I fucking love that stash jar! Whered you get it?
    +rep for the pics :smoke:

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