Amazing skill with photoshop

Discussion in 'General' started by Lebowski, May 21, 2006.

  1. Wow, i feel like such a jerk using photoshop now.

    Amazing find, that guys needs some new hobbies though.... 2,000 hours? wow.
  2. what do you mean "by hand"

  3. cool, i think, wait what?
  4. Is it completely made by hand, or is it just an images touched up?
  5. wow thats amazing, he better have made some good money off of that masterpeice. this is a coincidence cuz i overheard these kids talking about a photoshop image that had 15,000 layers in school yesterday.
  6. to sketch on a computer 'by hand' you need a tablet..which is a pad with a stylus (pencil)...

    Ive never invested in one of these other than a very old one for super nintendo..I think you could use it on jurassic park haha
  7. By hand as in his hand traced that whole image. He made everything from scratch, he didnt trace anything.
    And yeah, most definately he used a tablet.
  8. Puts my photoshop sig to shame:(:p.
  9. Thats amazing but it makes you wonder about how much time that guy spends doing that stuff. I just don't have that much time to put into anything.
  10. It said it took him 2,000 hours
  11. 2,000
  12. That's nearly 3 months, or 24 weeks solid.
  13. that sort of time spent on a single thing is hard or some sort of disorder...lackofpussyitus I assume lol

    cool it can be done but I'd probably be wowed more by a real picture that captures a moment

    the skill level is high here but no where near the great photographers of the past 100 years
  14. yeah, its good but he worked way too hard for the result. This was probably made for the transit company because photos couldn't be used to show off the facility, so it justifies creating the image from scratch but I think he used the wrong software. He could have used a 3d program such as maya or 3d studio max and created that scene nearly exact in a week.

    meh, its amazing what you can get done if you have the will to do it.
  15. lol everything i've done in photoshop has probably only been 5mins - 2 hours tops.
  16. Well he made it for some photoshop festival or something...
  17. jesus, he-was-bored indeed.
  18. Damn, has anyone ever heard of a hobbie before? Im sure he didn't whore over this every second of his life. Couple hours a day for a year would do the trick, aswell.

    I think this guy is probably one of the best in the world at what he does. I don't understand how you don't apprciate it?
  19. its analog vs digital motion

    no matter how good he is he could never recreate a true moment chemically ecthed in a negative

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