Amazing shroom trip turned bad.

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  1. whats up guys? i wanted to share my shroom story from last friday.

    It was me and my 3 friends, one was my best friend and the other two were dating. The girl didnt participate she just drove us in the lex wherever we wanted to go. We decided to take about 4 grams of shrooms made into chocolates. Now my friend in the backseat with me had tripped on shrooms with me 3 times previously and all the trips were great. The boyfriend in the front seat had never tried them.
    We take them at 7 on friday night and they really kick in a little after 8. We drive around and laugh and talk about spiritual shit and admire everything there is to be seen. We are having deep ass conversations about life and living in the moment and what not, connecting on every level.
    Now the guy in the front seat tries to present himself as a thuggy kind of guy and he is a real control freak. His image that he has created himself to have (ego) is getting in the way of him having a real shroom trip. As some of you know you need to completley free yourself from your ego in order to have a good shroom trip. I could see him battling his ego when he says stuff like "nah youre on some faggot shit" when we would say something deep. He also wanted to maintain being cool in front of his girlfriend maintain his control.
    Me and my guy in the backseat go take an 30 min nature walk and leave the couple alone. (remember the girl is not trippin). When we come back from our walk we are at the peak of the shroom trip and we see that the situation has grown exponentially worse. For some crazy fucking reason he was trying to grab his girlfriends tits and pull up her shirt like he was raping her or something and he would just say "do you have boobies!?!" We werent sure weather to laugh or restrain him. He would then quickly jump back in his seat and repeat shit like "everyone is looking at me" or some other shit.
    His girlfriend happened to think his blood sugar was really low (he is diabetic) and that we needed to check it and get food. She calls his fuckin mom to come bring those things. When his mom gets here he is completley bewildered and the first fucking thing he says to her is "DO YOU HAVE BOOBIES TO?" and reaches for his own mothers boobs leaping over his girlfriend in the drivers seat. only to be followed by him pissing on the inside of his own car in front of his mom. His mom demands to know what is happening so the girl explains. His mom turns to us in the backseat eyes wide as fuck and says "YOU GAVE SHROOMS TO A DIABETIC? IM GETTING THE POLICE INVOLVED." so now i am tripping hard as hell and thinking about how i could go to jail for some crazy shit that wasnt my fault. I had to straighten myself up enough to talk the mom out of calling the police and explain to her that they most likley dont have a negative interaction with diabetes and explain to her what was probabably going through his head and when it will end. Still pissed, she threatened that if he ended up in the ER, my name was coming up. She then she drove him home with her. I talked to him way later that night when he was coming to and he was very forgetful but apologetic.
  2. Wow..that sucks. He'll probably be fine, you shouldn't worry about the shrooms mixing with diabetes. I know when i try shrooms for the first time im going to have my environment stable and douchebag-free.
  3. dude. im sorry for you. your right though for mushrooms you do gotta let go of your ego and just be free kinda. good way to put it. but that fuckin sucks man real bad.
  4. All I can say
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    lmao jesus christ that guy was tripping sack.

    What a fucking buzzkill

    edit: That reminds me this one time me and my buddy ate 4 g's each and this other kid ate 1 gram and he starts flipping out saying shit like he goes insane when he does shrooms and stuff so every person or car we passed on the street he just feels the need to start talking shit and try and get in fights with everyone.

    Then for some reason i had a hole in my sweatshirt and i was like " wtf how did that get there" and he just runs up to me and rips the whole sweatshirt off my back and i was just i was tripping so hard i didn't know what to do.
    So he was like " omg man im so sorry im just goin crazy blah blah blah"

    Needless to say i never hung out with that fucking kid again. And before anyone replies to this saying " You shoulda beat the shit out of him" Im not like that and honestly that just would have made shit a lot worse.
  6. ahahahah well that chik is a dumbass!! aahahah funny ass shit....all he wanted was boobies!!!
  7. thats some crazy shit.

    I thought it sucked when i was on shrooms with 4 other people who were all sober.
  8. Anyone seen that one southpark??

    Dude sounds like he was cheesin hardcore

  9. lmao, I can just imagine.

  10. haha he must have thought he was at the breastery like kenny
  11. This might sound harsh but if somebody starts freaking out on mushrooms the best thing to do is leave them alone, ideally somewhere that it's safe for them to calm down i.e. not next to a motorway just tell them that you're taking a stroll and that you'll be back then check on them every now and then to see how their doing.
  12. That dude was a douche.

  13. lol word

    I'm sad this dude is gone :(

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