Amazing pics - but bugs still dont wanna go

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by themasta09, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Well heres Miss GC after 5 weeks flowering.
    She has had some bug problems, which ive tried to take care of with 'neem oil and garlic' but still theres a spider mite as pic shows?
    And i reckon the few aphids are still running around in the soil???
    I cant get hold of any other form of stuff - flat broke, so i could only use general household stuff or supermarket stuff so any tips would be good.

    But as the phots show she seems perfectly fine??
    and well the difference in the buds in 24 hours as you can see from pic 1 and 2 is amazing, so is or has she 'learnt' to deal with the bugs or what???

    I mean whats (from Now) the earliest i could harvest if problems got worse??

    Cheers guys

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  2. I'm still new to growing, but I'd say wash them off with a strong stream of warm water. You can also try co2 supplmenting, as it will kill the bugs.

  3. i don't know where you heard that advice but i'm pretty certain there isn't anything written in there that is true.
  4. To update on that, I've read on GC that co2 concentrations over 10,000 ppm is lethal to spider mites and aphids.

    And a stream of warm water is sure to knock any bugs or their eggs off

  5. thanx 4 replys. so if it gets worse stick er in a shower?

    and wont that wash thc/trichs away?
  6. try putting a layer of sand about 2-3 inches thick on top of the soil. pest strips work ok for the winged fuckers too.
  7. first off, don't believe everything you see on this forum. most of the advice is given with good intentions, but unfortunately not always correct. not saying that this is the case here, but because someone posts it doesn't make it legit. second, those levels of CO2 are borderline toxic for yourself if exposed for any reasonable length of time. any higher than that and you'll experience serious breathing problems, which is why, even if what you say is indeed correct, i would still advise against it.
  8. soil>? if so, i put rocks on top of my soil. about a inch deep or less of 1inch rocks. no more bugs. not sure how it helped but someone said try it, and it worked. my budy had the same webs u got. he just kept it growin n it was fine.
  9. I wouldnt use warm water, Could cause bud Mold/rott. It looks like your still a good 3-4 weeks out maybe?

    get some paper plates(at the dollar store) cut them in half and put them around the bottoms of the plants on top of the soil.

  10. I can't see any signs of spidermites in the pics. If it is spidermites just misting will help keep the population down. Spidermites live and breed on the underside of the leaves. They have a 3 day egg cycle so whatever you do needs to be done for about 10 days or so.
    I use a bug strip called HotShot. It works excellent but because you are getting close to harvest I wouldn't put it in the room for more than a week or so.
  11. Thanks guys My main thread has more updated info on her, so check that out also.

    As for the 'ppm' / co2 thing......whoa that went so far over my fookin head!!! so i think i'll pass on that, lol..

    Paper plates or rocks..........Interesting - worth a try its free!!!!

    Well to be honest she looks one of the healthiest plants ive seen for her age, so if there are bugs it aint hurting her, but with /paper/rocks, who knows that may be enough to keep it under control so gonna give it a bash..

    Yep im at earliest 3 weeks away but gonna only chop 50% max then leave another week or two anyway (i wanna experiment with the different highs() because after all its my first grow and ive only ever paid for it before, so being my first grow its the perfect time to see exactly what i like and dont like.

    Back to bugs basically as long as it keeps how it is then im as happy as a pig in shit (i was prolly being too over zealous)

    Thanks for cqasting your eyes over this way..

    Peace dudes

    and heres some pics taken a few hours ago

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