amazing nl plant!, hope theres no prob!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by wabdizzy, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. well i have two plants growing in my closet, that have vegged from seed for a month and now is about a week into 12/12 lighting. one seed was from an oz. of northern lights. (only one seed in the whole oz.) the other seed i got from a buddy and is orange cali. the northern lights plant seems to be growing balls around the main node, but i really cant tell. it also looks like there are pistals growing. the balls are about the size of the ball in a ink pen, and i dont know if this is male traits or im just panicing. i guess my question is should i worry about this or is it still too early to tell. i will post some pics in a little bit.
    also heres some basic info on the grow:
    vegged under 400w mh.
    flowering under 400w mh plus four cfl 26w red spectrum 2700k
    nutes: veg:20-20-20 fert, kelp fert, fish fert, and the occasional epsom salt
    flower:kelp fert, fish fert, worm fert, and the occasional epsom salt
    lsted the nl very early and shes about two feet tall now with seriously around 15 tops.
    i pray to the mj god that the nl is not male. this is one of the best grown plants i have seen. wouldnt it be less likely to be male since it came from a hermie plant, that produced only one seed?
    thank you all
  2. If there was one seed in an entire O it sounds like the plant it came from was hermie which means the seed will be too, and you can also cut the male pollen sacks off so your buds dont get seeded... especially if you love the plant so much.
  3. thanks man, i definately want to keep it because like i said its a beautiful plant. iwil have to post pics, which ill go take now, to show ya all. also then people can definately help me out with this. thanks again everyone

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