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Amazing mixes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ell3x0, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. who wants to share their stories about a blunt or joint they've smoked with different strains mixed? tell me how amazing it was :D

    about to toke a little on a joint of durban poison & trainwreck myself :)
  2. Mixed joint: Trainwreck - Sour D - Blueberry - Mango - Romulan .. ( mmm )
    mixed blunt: afgoo - skunk

    mixed bong snaps - a-lot of the time. but to lazy to try and remember

  3. werddd . thats fucking incredible dude ! props.
  4. Bowl of Hindu Kush and Blueberry, it was sometime around Christmas last year. First time I ever had to pull over my car and chill for a bit before I could even drive again.

    Also blunt of Sour D and Bubba Kush = amazing
  5. I've hit a few blunts with 7-8 different exotics at a time, and more than a few with 2-3 types of exotics and some with hash... Love to have variety. :)
  6. i had chronic x gdp blunt with some friends back then. my boy was so lit he threw up haha
  7. I smoked a blunt with 7 different purp strains and another with 4 different pure sativa strains. The purp blunt knocked me out, and the sativa blunt sent me to the moon. They were smoked between 4 people about 2.5 hours apart. Good times.
  8. I've personally never threw up after smoking, but i have many friends who had and man is it fucking funny when someones high as hell and sick as hell at the same time. I think they call it green fever. Personally i think most of the time its just the tobacco from the blunt or blunts that make people puke.
  9. some Sour diesel and haze. we rolled it half sour d and half haze, was sick waiting for the weed to change over

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