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Amazing looking book

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by VtownHomie, May 21, 2010.

  1. Love this, thanks for showing me it. I'll have to check it out very soon.
  2. why would you wanna book that tells you to drop out of school?
  3. My roommate last year is thinking about not coming back to school. He was a poli sci major, and had a shit GPA, but he literally knew more than his professors. He has so much real world experience in politics it's unreal. High Times nominated him for pot reformer of the year, and he was only 19 years old; everyone else on the list was at least 30 and did it as a full-time job. He helped get Jersey medical, founded NY Patients First (the organization that worked medical into the NY budget) and will be in Cali this summer to work on the tax and regulate bill. After seeing what he has done, I totally agree with the notion that you don't need school to be good at what you do. Sure, doctors and such need school to learn about body parts and whatnot, but in a lot of situations, school is pretty much a waste of money.

    (By the way, you NY patients and Cali tokers should thank him when these bills pass)
  4. Thats exactly why Im gonna be starting up some sort of company. Its the only way i will live out my life. You get your own hours,Work as much as you want,and if you want a raise well help yourself,Need to call in sick well just ask yourself. Lol:smoke:
  5. Stuff like that only works when your smart enough and have the proper aptitude, ie good luck, and I'll be ordering some burgers from you in a couple years, or maybe tossing pennies at you on the street.
  6. School definitely helps, but if you're good at what you do, you don't need it (hence my earlier post.) Again, this varies depending on your job; you can't learn to cut people open without studying human anatomy. However, plenty of successful people did not attend college.
  7. don't drop out of school

    it's not a good idea.
  8. hell ya, why i'm studying 2 become a chef, i dropped outta HS when i was 17 and got my GED, best decision i ever made, i hated HS, it isnt for everyone, gonna open my own resturant, maybe when weed gets legalized i'll become the cannabis cook and have my own show on food network.. a guy can dream can't he?...:smoke:
  9. Uh, apparently you still find value and non-bias with the utter crap they're "teaching" in public school today?

    The entire point of a book like this is to actually educate you that there ARE options other than following the cattle into the public school system for 13 years, that's all.
  10. Uh, I think the point of this book is to show you alternatives to the public school system, and provide you with a bit of a more unbiased and well-rounded education.

    No, it's NEVER a good idea to drop out, this is merely an alternative.
  11. This is a book promoting homeschooling, not no-schooling.

    Homeschooling works for some people, but you need a large support system of highly motivated people around you

    To be successful as an entrepreneur is 10x harder then going to school or 40 hour a week job.

    I wouldn't discourage anyone from doing it, but working for yourself requires long hours, few days off, and a lot of start-up capital. There's a reason why ~80% of all businesses fail in the first 5 years.
  12. I read the first page. It definitely speaks for me, I'm glad others realize society is not freedom.

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