Amazing Inauguration Photo

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aaronman, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. ILL google earth?
  2. Thats crazy

    I didnt expect it to keep such good quality as I zoomed in.
  3. that is incredible technology.

    ahaha look at justice clarence thomas hes taking a little nap
  4. Enhance.



  5. Can anyone find a sniper protecting the prez

    Most of the roof tops have cameramen which im surprised were allowed up there
  6. right now im trying to spot dwight howard. just look for a 6'11 black guy with shoulders wider than a van.....
  7. There is a group of 4 snipers on a far building to the right.

    The secret service are on the layer above the flag filming the crowd.
  8. Dr. Evil... no doubt.
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    I found waldow!

    p.s. what qualifies one as a sniper?
  10. that was the first thing i noticed lol
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    People standing on the edges of buildings holding rifles?

    On the Rayburn House Office Building
  12. This is sick as fuck haha I just wasted like 30 minutes
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    sorry for the BIG pictures.
    Imagine if dc got nuked on. Man, that would killed millions! and of course obama. ;) :rolleyes:

  14. Incredible picture.... I assume this is one of the ones they put together combining hundreds/thousands of individual photos?

    I'm trying to see how many major political figures I can spot in the background. So far I have:

    Bill & Hillary Clinton, George Bush senior (haha check out his hat), Al Gore, Newt Gingrich, Dennis Kucinich...
  15. Ha! Is that Clarance Thomas passed out? Man those supreme court justices sure know when to take a nap.
  16. They all look like ants!
  17. Theres a Black man ghost and a pair of legs with no body in that picture.

    look close
  18. look on the roofs, you can see snipers.
  19. HaHa, Cheney looks like old man Potter in Its a Wonderful life.

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