Amazing human mutation

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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Tyra Banks talks with 5 women with TWO vaginas![/ame]

  2. Instead of DP...

  3. It is just my guess, but I would think the non dominate Vagina would not have a urethra?
  4. Haha, "dominate vagina."
  5. I wanna see pics
  6. I saw 2 vaginas in a porno once. It was pretty kool and recently i was looking for it again with no luck:eek:. It doesnt look gross or anything oddly...It looks like just 2x the fun.
  7. Whoa! that would freak me out like a bad trip
  8. there was a thread on here a long while ago and this video popped up.

    then someone mentioned a porno with a guy with 2 dicks givin it to a chick in her pink and her stink (i think it was a mod too)

    well i had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing such a video, turns out the dude just glued a dildo above his dick.

  9. I did too so I found some images. Surprising not as cool as I thought.
  10. I found pics for all you sick bastards, pm me.

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