amazing high stories?!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by roflmfaomikayla, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. have any good stories/ adventures from when yew were high?
    if u can even remember them =p

    the other day i was walking from our smoking spot in town
    and me and my friends wanted to see which way was faster to the pizza store
    so i go one way alone and they go the other way
    and there was this trail i had to find on the way there and i went to far and didnt know hwere itwas so i called my friends nad i started crying and one of my freinds on the other line started crying becuz she thought i fell and died
    and finally one of my sober friends came and saved me
    hahaha that was a fun day except i did get kinda freaked out for a second hah
  2. LMFAO I LOL'D SO FUCKING HARD. that's retarded. and hilarious. :laughing:
    i have no stories i can remember to share at this time. maybe later.
  3. Hahaha, thats a great story!
    I can't remember any great high stories at the moment, because im too high too remember them. :smoking:
  4. josh marissa matti gemma avery and me was all bored so we put together all our cash(like 432 bucks) and we set out to buy the dankest dank we could afford. soooo we go find it and we buys it at the movies and josh who is like a fucking boy scout in this regard is prepared to smoke with a piece and lighter. so we go to joshs truck and smoke in the bed of it behind the movies than we drove around for a bit and we just went to joshs and stared stonedly at his dogs who were playing tug of war
  5. dude, that story is awesome!!! we went for a walk to the local chippy after doing a couple of bongs. we sat at the side of the road waiting to cross for at least half an hour even though the road was clear. for some strange reason we cud not cross!!lol

    another time me and my mate had been watchin sumthin on television to do with rabbits, the next time i turned round to look at him, he had transformed into a huge rabbit in a green suit!!really freaked me out!!

  6. haha yeah ive had times liek that kinda
    me and friends just smoked and we started walking down this busy road without a sidewalk and everytime a car passed some friends would start screaming haah
  7. haha yeah i remmember the best night of my life, we went and saw Rancid in philly so the show was over and we hooked up with like 8 other punks and just walked around and smoked and drinked. we found a local party full of preps and jocks and crashed the shit out of it, haha i think i puked in the guys bed, carved my street name (Juggernaught) into his wall with a pocket knife and trying to fight some asshole jock who was making fun of me. but anyways i remmember waking up on the hood of my car with a ticket under the window wiper. I Lol'd Hard as i though of some meter made lady carefuly placing a ticket on the car trying to not wake me up HAHA

    that night was fun

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