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amazing discovery

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Markyb, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Ohhhmygooodddd!

    The responsiveness of it PISSES me off! :mad:

    It's a good game, but when I press z/x there is only like a 50% chance of it actually working! Or it will glitch up as if I was holding x down... I checked my keyboard in Word and my keyboard is totally fine. :confused: :mad::smoke:
  2. [​IMG]
    Guys.. I think I just discovered something amazing.
  3. haha i found this game like a year ago, fuckin amazing bakedd..

    alllwaaaays i wanna beee with youuu haha :smoke:
  4. hemp tycoon!

    im gonna play it:smoke:

  5. iv been playing that all day too :L

  6. did you :s
    care to elaborate?
  7. its in my best iphone apps post. then you posted this like 7min later...and idk you said you think you found the best game to play.

  8. i never said just :p
    i saw my mate playing it on fb this morning, although i did see your thread on iphone apps, pretty cool thread dude

  9. haha thanks man. I didn't mean for it to be taken seriously I was just high and wasn't thinking about your reaction.
  10. No one has yet to beat my high score on here haha!!

    Although I was high once listening to the song (not playing the game) and I was tripping out. Like I thought someone was behind me just staring at me. Haven't played the game or listened to the song since then. Still gives me the chills...

  11. lmao its funny picturing someone tripping out while this song is playing, like looking behind their shoulder.

  12. Thats exactly what I did lol.
  13. most of the games on are fun while im lit.
  14. I literally just experienced the greatest minute of my life playing that while baked
  15. [ame=]YouTube - I've Discovered Something Amazing![/ame]

    looks like someone else has discovered something amazing too.

    and yes, robot unicorn attack is amazing blitzed.

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