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amazing dealer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by allnaturalxx420, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. My new dealer is my best so farr. his prices are cheap 5g for $20 shake, $30 for an eight of dank, $55 for an eighth of medical shit anystrain you want. he delivers to pretty much anywhere. he even picked me up smoked a joint with me and drove me to get more buds from his guy for wicked cheap while he picked up more aswell, then he smoked me out while driving back to my house to drop me off. very reliable. :D

    just felt like braggin about it.
  2. nice man, got it going good. i wish i had a dealer like that.....Smoke on :smoke:
  3. that sounds like my dealer. anyone who says they have lost hope for the world has obviously never had a sweet dealer
  4. Ugh, so jealous. Sounds a lot like my old dealer. I'm STILL looking for new connects :mad: Being in a new city has its challenges...
  5. Are you a girl OP? :laughing:

    Watch those prices go up if you don't put out.
  6. i love my dealer. when I didn't have a car, the guy would actually deliver close to my house.
  7. Sounds like a rapist
  8. Hell yeah love them smokeouts. One of the best parts about pickin up from my dude is he,ll load up a couple or fill the vapebag a few timez
  9. whats the difference between what dealers call "dank" and what they call "medical." how do they test it, if real medical is dank and dank could be medical?
  10. yea i used to have a guy like this, then he quit. Now ive just got your typical ill drive to you, you pay me, we part ways guy. Still semi reliable but sometimes he isnt 'available'

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